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10 Reasons to Head to Riptide Music Fest Next Weekend

We are just over a week away from the fourth annual Riptide Music Festival, which takes place in sunny South Florida at Fort Lauderdale Beach. Each year, the festival has grown bigger and more unique. We have had the pleasure to see its growth firsthand, covering it each year since its start. The Fort Lauderdale area tends to miss out on some incredible tours due to being so far down south, so it’s always great to see Riptide bring in those artists that don’t always come to our area. The 2019 edition of the festival offers a star-studded lineup that is the alt-lover’s dream, and lands just before Thanksgiving weekend in its first November appearance. We’ve compiled a list of acts we’re most excited to check out over the weekend, so be sure to keep the following on your radar for next weekend:

New Politics

Riptide simply wouldn’t be the same if New Politics didn’t come back every other year. The last time they came to town was in late 2017, where they had an early day showtime. The trio puts on an intoxicating performance that is perfectly tailored for a festival, which never disappoints. From breakdancing and headstands to joining the crowd mid-performance, New Politics puts on an unforgettable set that is worth arriving early for.


It was especially exciting to see The Band CAMINO on this year’s lineup. This band is growing in popularity exponentially, and it was disappointing to see them skip our area on their fall headlining tour. But, Riptide came to the rescue and added them to their already incredible lineup. Plus, this band has the perfect sound and energy for a beach performance in the fall.

Catfish and the Bottlemen

This British rock band is one of the most underrated acts on the lineup. They frequent US festivals but hardly visit Florida, so it’s great to see them on a bill so close to home. Earlier this year, fans were excited to see that they were finally headlining a show at Revolution, but it was quickly removed due to their (then-unannounced) booking at Riptide. Some Riptide-goers might have seen them when they opened for Green Day at Coral Sky Amphitheater in 2017. Even if you’re not familiar with them, you should do yourself a favor and check them out next weekend.

K. Flay

Another underrated act on the lineup who hasn’t been in the area since her performance at Undertow Jam in 2017. That performance was during the peak success of Blood In the Cut, and she drew a big crowd then. Her stage presence is intense, exhilarating and full of passion, which is yet again perfect for an action-packed festival performance. She just released a new record in 2019, so be sure to spin it before Riptide to be up to date with her catchy tracks.

The 1975

One of the most anticipated bands on the Riptide lineup is The 1975, for good reason. The band hasn’t been in the South Florida area since their Miami headline show in 2016. With a live show unlike any other band performing at this year’s festival, you won’t want to miss it. It’ll be hard to pass up considering their striking production and synth-infused neon pop flare.

Judah & the Lion

This band is alternative radio’s newest iconic folk-pop group. Combining the sounds of many genres — a bit of rock, rap and folk — they know how to pump up a crowd and put on a show. Having seen them before at a festival, we know first hand that their performances are not something that you want to miss. Whenever they play, make sure to get there in time to witness the magic yourself.


With an extensive discography as large as Switchfoot’s, it’s nearly impossible for someone to say that they’re unfamiliar with the band. Known for always honoring each of their albums in their sets, from hits to fan favorites, their set is destined to be memorable. They recently returned to Fort Lauderdale on their headlining tour, so die hard fans are in for a treat to see them back so soon, this time on the golden sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Jimmy Eat World

Sunday’s headliner is a great contrast to Saturday’s, giving fans a dose of another classic 90’s band. Although this year’s Riptide lineup is mainly new alternative, they still have seasoned acts that will deliver nostalgia throughout the weekend.

The Killers

There’s no need for a long-winded explanation here. The Killers are an iconic band, and they don’t tour as much as they used to. The fact that Riptide landed them for a headlining performance is incredible. What sounds better than hearing some of your favorite songs on the beach? Absolutely nothing. Close out Saturday night with an unforgettable performance with The Killers.

Bonus: Tan France

Brand new to the festival this year is the fashion & lifestyle segment, which is hosted by Queer Eye star Tan France. We are so excited to see what’s in store for this addition to the festival.

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