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  • Carl Beust

20 Years Of Pop Punk In Hawaii

New Found GloryJordan Pundik (vocals), Ian Grushka (bass), Chad Gilbert (Lead Guitar), and Cyrus Bolooki (drums) returned to Honolulu, Hawaii after a seven year absence. Between the years 2000 and 2005 the likes of Green Day, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, Good Charlotte and New Found Glory ruled the Hawaiian airwaves. Their return to the Republik was welcome by old and new fans alike.

On this date, part of the “20 Years Of Pop Punk Tour”, the band would play their two most famous albums New Found Glory and Sticks And Stones in their entirety. The band started on time at 9:30 blasting straight into “Understatement”, “Second To Last”, and “The Great Houdini”. It was evident, that besides maybe gaining a few pounds and losing a bit of hair, nothing had changed. Infectious melodies and sing-along anthems had the fans attention. The band was incredibly sharp and their energy was contagious.

The band blasted through 26 songs, including “Party On Apocalypse” and “Hit Or Miss” from Makes Me Sick and Nothing Gold Can Stay. Before beginning their encore the band paid tribute to their home state of Florida, home town of Coral Springs, and their high school Majory Stoneman Douglas. The band made known that they were going to put something together for their former high school, the site of a mass shooting in which 17 students died.

The band cranked out a four song encore consisting of “Ballad For The Lost Romantics”, “The Story So Far”, “All Downhill Frome Here”, and “My Friends Over You”. The band came to the front of the stage, passed out pics, drum sticks, and high fives to the appreciative crowd.New Found Glory proved once again that they are the master of pop punk.



01 Understatement

02 Second To Last

03 The Great Houdini

04 Better Off Dead

05 Something I Call Personality

06 Black and Blue

07 Sucker

08 Never Give Up

09 Vegas

10 Party On Apocalypse

11 Forget My Name

12 Sincerely Me

13 All About Her

14 Belated

15 It’s Been A Summer

16 Dressed To Kill

17 Singled Out

18 Boy Crazy

19 Sonny

20 Eyesore

21 Head On Collision

22 Hit Or Miss


23 Ballad For The Lost Romantics

24 The Story So Far

25 All Downhill From Here

26 My Friends Over You


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