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  • Megan Garzone

Review: No Snow Ball 2015

WRMF's No Snow Ball rocked out the Mizner Park Ampitheater in Boca Raton on December 11th, 2015.

The event was opened by the Dirty Voice contest winner Tori Lynn and indie self proclaimed "Alien-loving vegan" Meresha. The opening acts set the stage with powerful female leads. Following Meresha was The Value Killah and the Snack Pack. Have you ever been pelted with peppermints and twinkies by masked luchadors and Yoda? If not you might never have been to a VMK show. There is something to be said about a dozen men running around the stage in costumes and chugging Miracle Whip - it's pretty incredible. With such high energy, and hilarious lyrics to their upbeat tunes, I wouldn't pass up the next opportunity to catch the VMK, I imagine each show brings a little something different to the table!

South Florida's own Chemrady followed, moving up from last year's opening slot. It is no surprise that Chemrady is quickly gaining presence in the music scene and growing outside of their Floridian roots. This is not a band to pass up if you have the opportunity to see, each member of the band puts their all into their performance into what becomes a soulful poppy yet solo-shredding rock mix.

It was time - the sun had set, the girls were screaming, the Glamberts were in full effect. Each girl on the front line had been there for hours awaiting the arrival of Adam Lambert. Some quick chats down the line showed me just how dedicated these Glamberts were - some traveling five hours and waiting eight hours at the gate - just to be front row. I didn't know what I was getting myself into as someone that had only heard the name "Adam Lambert" when referring to American Idol. The Glamberts are right though - he's incredible live. His presence, his voice, his bedazzled in-ears, yeah, I definitely became a bit of a Glambert myself that night. Most notably when he cut in the middle of his song "Trespassing" to perform a little bit of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust." Nothing like a little 80's rock during a modern pop singer's set to really get you moving!

Closing out the night at the No Snow Ball was a personal favorite, Third Eye Blind. A perfect mix of older classics and newer hits - Third Eye Blind blew the show away. Third Eye Blind released their most recent album, Dopamine, in June of 2015. The band has surely not lost any traction in their six year break between albums. Fans sang along just as loud to the new single, Everything is Easy, as they did to the anticipated encore of Semi-Charmed Life. Every Third Eye Blind show has one thing in common, and that is the feeling of togetherness you get surrounded by complete strangers. Singer Stephan Jenkins breaks midshow to stress to everyone that you are here, now, in the moment, and has you introduce yourself to people you don't know. The photos you may take, the videos you capture, none of that will be as important as singing your heart out with those around you. It's a beautiful reminder that music has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together- even if just for a moment. For now, I'll be there to capture the beauty of it.

The No Snow Ball in Mizner proves year after year to be a great holiday celebration in Boca Raton, even if you don't know every band playing, do yourself a favor and make it out to the 2016 event - you know you'll see me there!

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