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  • Megan Garzone

Review: Marianas Trench at Revolution Live

The Hey You Guys tour rolled through Fort Lauderdale stopping at Revolution Live on January 24th. NYC's Mainland opened the tour with their post-punk pop sound. Their latest single “Outkast” is a synthy energetic song that gets you moving to the beat. Mainland is the type of band you want to jam out to while taking a spin in the car on a summer day, or throw a dance party to with all of your friends. The crowd took to Mainland instantly, dancing and clapping around to song after song.

Marianas Trench took the stage with a chanting anticipated crowd and a beautiful display of lights to their haunting song “ Astoria ” off their latest release of the same name. The Canadian band released their latest record that is inspire d by The Goonies in October of 2015. The crowd kept pace with the band and shouted out the lyrics to each song that was thrown at them. The constantly changing lights and backdrop display were as integral to the show as the music as they slowed and quickened depending on the song beat. The dedicated fans of Mariana s Trench, adorned in their 80's bright neon garb and tutus, danced and bopped the entire show, p roving Marianas Trench knows how to keep an audience captivated. It is very easy to get caught up in the music at a Marianas Trench show, their beats are addictive from "Burning Up" to "Yesterday." The 80's pop reminiscent songs keep your head bobbing and feet moving throughout the entire show. If you have the opportunity to see Marianas Trench live, make sure you do it, it is an experience all in i t's own that you won't get from the CD.

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