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  • Megan Garzone

Review: Steel Panther at Culture Room

The line wrapped around the building of the Culture Room as the soldout crowd for Steel Panther anxiously waited to enter the show. Kicking off the night was Nashville band, Jasmine Cain. Jasmine Cain, lead singer and bassist, has an aggressive yet soulful voice that matched up perfectly to the band's alternative sound. The crowd continued to pack the venue from wall to wall dressed in 80's garb and Lexxi's Mom shirts.

By now you may have heard of Steel Panther and their onstage antics. If you haven't – Steel Panther is a heavy metal band hellbent on everyone remembering how great the 80 ’ s metal scene was. Big hair, big egos, bright clothes, and over sexualized theming is the formula for these highly successful fan favorites. All of the members well known antics were present that night with Lexxi consistently checking his hair and makeup, Michael Starr cracking jokes, Satchel feeling himself, as always, and Stix Zadinia keeping them on time. Sure Steel Panther may have started as an 80's glam joke but there is no denying at the root of the band, there are four extremely talented musicians that know a thin g or two about heavy metal. Steel Panther is all about the image of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and you will find all of that heavily represented at their live performance.

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