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  • Megan Garzone

Review: The Summer Set - Made For You Tour 10/12/16

The Summer Set’s Made For You Tour hit Fort Lauderdale on October 12th at The Culture Room. More than just a name, the Made For You Tour was entirely dedicated to the fans. For starters, the band set up online polls where the fans could vote for what cities they should play in. “There are still cities in the U.S. we’re guilty of not playing very often, if ever at all,” the band posted earlier this year. Following the dates, fans were able to vote on the setlist as well, making it the ultimate fan experience. Over 20,000 people voted at the tour’s website, bogging down the site on day one.

Just last year, The Summer Set teetered on dismantling the band, but pushed through and have been touring for a majority of the year after releasing their latest record Stories for Monday. “Missin’ You” off that album kicked off the night, while songs from their debut album Love Like This such as “Punch-Drunk-Love” and “Chelsea” were played throughout. It’s no surprise the crowd was bouncing along to the entire set, as it was specifically garnered to their taste. Despite not having a hand in the songs performed, the band easily transitioned from song-to-song with ease.

It’s very rare when a band gives the control to the fans to pick the set, so being given this option was a true treat. Not only were cities that are usually passed over getting to partake, but they got to hear exactly what they wanted. The band powered through the fifteen song setlist with their pop-punk hits, while the fans shouted along with singer Brian Dales as they danced around with each other. The Summer Set closed out the night with an encore of “Figure Me Out” and “Lightning In A Bottle.” Best way to describe The Summer Set live was by their own shirt saying “too pop for the punk kids – too punk for the pop kids.”

If you’re looking for an energetic night of dancing, be sure to catch your city’s stop on The Summer Set’s tour.


1. Missin’ You

2. Jukebox (Life Goes On)

3, All My Friends

4. Fuck U Over

5. Change Your Mind

6. Boomerang

7. The Boys You Do (Get Back At You)

8. Punch-Drunk-Love

9. Chelsea

10. The Night Is Young

11. Jean Jacket

12. Someone Like You

13. Legendary

14. Figure Me Out

15. Lighting In A Bottle

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