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  • Megan Garzone

Review: Yellowcard - Final World Tour 11/20/16

After twenty years pop punk heavyweights, Yellowcard, are hanging up their guitars and violins for good. Yellowcard announced early this year that they would be releasing their final self titled album, and going on a full world tour – a final world tour – their farewell tour. This came as a shock to fans, as when a band that has been around for the majority of your formative years, it's hard to see it come to an end. So the fans packed out in droves, selling out almost every stop on the tour so far, with Fort Lauderdale being no exception.

The crowd was insane, bodies packed tighter in that I've seen at a show in many years. It wasn't that there was a mosh pit pushing people towards the sides of the crowd, there was literally no space to add any extra bodies to the venue. Revolution Live even took their merch tables outside, knowing the fans were going to come out in full force. The band's intro included an emotional disclaimer, to get off your phones and enjoy the show, we were here to experience the end of an era – lets do it right.

Following the disclaimer, the lights dimmed and you could feel the emotions washing over the crowd. This would be the last time almost everyone in the room would be seeing a band that has rocked our airwaves since the 2000's. Sean Mackin's violin intro kicked off the night with the intro of “Believe” and the crowd fed right off that energy. The lack of space didn't stop this crowd, however, they moshed the best they could with lack of space and body after body went crowd surfing as the band kicked into their first track. The energy continued to skyrocket all night as Yellowcard catered heavily to their most popular album “Ocean Avenue.” It wasn't all fast songs though, as many fans fought back tears (and more failed) to slower more emotional songs such as “Empty Apartment” and “Sing For Me.”

The emotions were hard to hide, however, when singer Ryan Key took a moment to go into a farewell speech including how difficult this decision was for the band, and how grateful they were for all the fans support. Yellowcard closed out the night with, arguably, their biggest hits “Only One” and “Ocean Avenue.” There was no holding back here, as the fans and band fed off of each other one last time and gave it everything they had. The final chorus hit with an explosion of emotions, and like that the night was over. It was one of the most poetic final shows I've had the pleasure of seeing, as a reviewer and a fan, and while it's hard to watch them go, Yellowcard undoubtedly went out on the biggest high note possible. Thanks for everything, Yellowcard – you'll always be one of the most influential bands of the pop punk movement.


1. Believe 2. Lights and Sounds 3. Way Away 4. Always Summer 5. Five Becomes Four 6. Rest in Piece 7. What Appears 8. Rough Landing, Holly 9. Awakening 10. Light Up the Sky 11. Sing for Me 12. Transmission Home 13. A Place We Set Afire 14. Lift a Sail 15. Gifts and Curses 16. Cut Me, Mick 17. Breathing 18. Empty Apartment 19. October Nights 20. Hang You Up 21. Be the Young 22. Holly Wood Died Encore: Only One Ocean Avenue

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