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  • Megan Garzone

Review: Asking Alexandria - 10 Years in the Black Tour

Sumerian's 10 Years in the Black Tour was already slated to be one of the hottest tickets touring this fall, and an announcement just before the kick off made it an even more of a must-see: Danny Worsnop was returning as the frontman of Asking Alexandria.

The tour stopped at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale on November 21st, and the crowds came out in masses. The entire venue was abuzz with the return of Worsnop, as the fans speculated on how the sudden lineup change would effect the stage. The crowd held a singalong to Neil Diamond's “Sweet Caroline” and the band followed out on the last notes.

The setlist was broken up into songs from three separate albums that Worsnop performed on, starting with Reckless & Relentless, followed by From Death to Destiny, and finishing with a group of songs from Stand Up and Scream. The setlist did not include, unsurprisingly, any songs from the band most recent album, The Black, that was fronted by Denis Shaforostov.

It was clear from early on that the band's chemistry was back in full force. While the crowd chanted “Danny's back” continuously, Worsnop turned around facing away from the crowd and waited, patiently – giving the crowd what they wanted, he said, “Danny's back.” One of the highlights of the night was Danny engaging bassist Sam Bettley and guitarist Cameron Liddell in a racing match across the stage (with guitarist Ben Bruce watching from the sidelines with a drink). It is this level of carefree and fun that Worsnop brings to the force of Asking Alexandria that makes the live show even more of an experience. The music was tight, the setlist was carefully constructed, and the band was clearly enjoying having the group back together.

Danny Worsnop returning back to Asking Alexandria is some of the most exciting music news we've received in 2016, and with the rumor mill circulating that they will be returning to the studio soon, I'm sure 2017 will have a lot to offer.


1. Welcome 2. Dear Insanity 3. To the Stage 4. Someone, Somewhere 5. Run Free 6. The Death of Me 7. Moving On 8. The Road 9. A Prophecy 10. Not the American Average

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