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  • Megan Garzone

Riptide Music Festival 2016 Day Two

Day two of Riptide brought an older generation than it's previous indie/alternative day. With a full day of classic 80's bands the crowd was no less full of energy than the Gen Y'ers from day before. While the crowd seemed generally more relaxed being kicked back in their chairs on the beach, once the bands got their sets going they were jumping around and dancing just the same. The day was brought to us by 102.7 The Beach and 101.5 Lite FM.

Debbie Deb kicked off the afternoon with her freestyle dance tunes such as the popular "When I Hear Music." A Flock of Seagulls were up next and they still put on a hell of a show. The crowd was shouting along with singer Mike Score most loudly during "I Ran (So Far Away)" as the 80's electronic vibes were setting in for the day. Disco duo Lime took the third slot for the day. Though Lime has gone through numerous lineup changes, the current duo of Joy Dorris and Rob Hubertz were lively and active on stage - dancing around and throwing multi colored rubber bracelets out into the crowd.

The iconic Howard Jones was up next, and the ladies went crazy for him as expected, still! The synthpop band had the crowd dancing once again, as the midday drinks were definitely kicking in. "One Thing Leads To Another" new wave band, The Fixx, followed after HoJo. The Fixx is currently back to touring with the original lineup, as they have for the past few years. Female trip Expose played to a setting sun on the beach, and despite rumors of the three not being on the friendliest terms, the girls looked great up on stage.

The crowd was finally on it's feet as they were amped up waiting on the arrival of Earth, Wind & Fire. E,W&F kicked off the night with "Beginnings" and followed it up seamlessly with "In The Stone." E,W&F is such an iconic band to finally see live on stage, Each member flows with each other, and the music is pure art when performed by these gentleman. With synchronized dances, and beautifully crafted percussive pieces - you really lose yourself in their show. The B-52's closed out the second night of Riptide. The "Rock Lobster" Atlanta band had the crowd going wild with their acclaimed hits like "Private Idaho" and, of course, "Love Shack."

Each band of the day was able to keep the attention span of the Baby Boomers present, and you got a feel of pure mellowness throughout the day. Though the day before brought the younger crowd, that doesn't mean our crowd on day two was having no less fun!

All in all the festival was a success in it's first year. Despite unexpected setbacks, the team was able to pull through and it was a great time for all involved. We can't wait to see what next year's Riptide brings cause we only see this festival growing bigger and better in it's following years.

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