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  • Megan Garzone

Review: Lorna Shore at O'Malleys 2/16/17

Lorna Shore brought deathcore to Florida when they stopped into O'Malleys on the MMXVII North American tour. Lorna Shore continue to climb in popularity and easily will be one of the top bands of this generation's deathcore scene. The band took the stage and immediately began a full on assault of the crowd. Opening with an older track, Godmaker, the crowd went into a frenzy with moshing, hardcore dancing, and general flailing around. The crowd at the front of the stage were screaming along with vocalist, Tom Barber, as the band had an absolute chokehold on their fans.

While the setup was not ideal– a tiny stage, and every other band's equipment pushed off to the side – the band didn't let that deter their onslaught they brought to the stage. While the club has decent sound, and okay lighting, I would love to see what these guys can pull off in a bigger setting. Due to a lackluster amount of room, most of the members stayed generally in one area, and Barber catered to the crowd in front of him.

The night was a special one – the night before their sophomore record release Flesh Coffin and the night before drummer Austin Archey's birthday (which we were all instructed to go deliver him bodily harm after the set in celebration). The band played the title track off the album and from that song alone you already felt a sense of just how brutal the release would be. Despite only playing for under half an hour, Lorna Shore completely decimated O'Malleys. The bands energy stayed consistently at top levels throughout the set, and with tons of aggression, shredding, and insane heaviness that's a pretty big feat. If you have the chance to catch Lorna Shore, definitely seek them out, just be ready for an unforgiving set that is going to leave you wanting more.

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