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  • Megan Garzone

International Women's Day 2017

In lieu of International's Women's Day we are celebrating a strong-willed and talented singer known as TamTam. Born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and relocating to Los Angeles a teen, TamTam has seen a wide variety of cultures in her life and her lyrics do a wonderful job of telling that story.

In her song "Gender Game" TamTam tells women to stand up for their rights. While an emotionally moving song for any women, it's also empowering and sends a strong message for girls to push onward in this crazy world. This is a real woman, in the real world, singing about real problems - and the result is fantastic.

"I wrote the song Gender Game after some of my friends suggested I don't post the music video for my first single Little Girl, because of what people might say about me being a Saudi woman and showing my face to the world. I ended releasing little girl anyway, but the music video is blurry and that's also when I changed my name to my moniker 'TamTam'." she shared with us.

"Gender Game is a song about Gender equality. My favourite part about Gender Game is that although I wrote it because of an experience I went through, women from all over the world can relate to it. So many of the women in my music video came up to me and expressed to me how much this song spoke to them, and I'm so grateful for that."

Check out her video for her original single "Gender Game" below.

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