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  • Megan Garzone

Album Review: Lilac Lungs - Eventide

Eventide, the debut album from Detroit based indie rockers, Lilac Lungs, it set to debut May 12th and it is not a release you want to slip by you. Eventide is a whirlwind of an emotional story set to synth-pop-keys, indie riffs, and ethereal vocals. Lilac Lungs is comprised of Emily Torres (vocals and keys), John Birrell (guitar), Terry Elizondo (bass), and Matt Jones (drums).

The album starts off somber with “Welcome to the Fallout” but quickens the pace with the first chorus. “Welcome to the Fallout” brings us into the first chapter of vocalist Emily Torres' story of living with mental illness. Anxiety and depression are a driving force of the album, detailing the ups-and-downs of dealing with these monsters. Created as a safe-space for listeners, the songs range from the good and the bad off daily struggles.

The album finds it's poppy side with the third track “Uh Oh” but the lyrics tell a much darker tale of a toxic family. It's a danceable tune that keeps you moving, but the darkness weaved throughout the album is just as present. The halfpoint of the album showcases a handful of songs that flow together perfectly. Starting with “Us Vs Ourself”we see the pain of mental illness dragging the narrator down with lyrics like “The war is raging on / taking place in our mental health / Us Vs. Ourself” in a melancholy track with pulsating bass and airy keys. The next track “Guard Dog” picks up instantly with quick guitars and fast drums. “Oh, whoa, oh guard dog / destroy this creature, rescue me / rip away, the mongrel / that has me in between his teeth / the real danger is anxiety.” And finally “ Fine” is a resounding upbeat victory song boasting “We're gonna fine.”

The flow of the album, with it's upbeat tones intruding the slow heaviness, parallels the rollercoaster of emotions from someone suffering internally. The album ends with a beautiful crescendo of a track “Young Warrior.” “I’m a young warrior / Gather my suit of armor / Slay the dragon / Skin the lion.” While the beginning of the album felt like there was no hope, the end is a victory song that brings the album to an optimistic end. It’s a song about perseverance, and a battlecry towards better days.

Lilac Lungs is extrodinary at taking sensitive topics and presenting them in an honest light. You can feel the pain the narrorator of the songs experiences, and also that swing into hopefulness during the second half of the album. The entire story of Eventide is something that so many people will relate to, making it easy for the fans to directly connect to these songs. While some songs do seem similar to each other with their slow burning starts, once you get into the imagery created each song truly presents something special. It’s a debut album bands can only hope for, every song is well written, well performed, and well produced, knockling it out of the park. Lilac Lungs have found their niche in their style of music, and we can’t wait to see how the band grows and progresses in following releases, and what emotional ride they’ll take us on next.

Stand out songs: Welcome To The Fallout - Us Vs. Ourself - Guard Dog - Circle - Young Warrior

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