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  • Jordan Nathanson

Album Review: Neck Deep - The Peace and The Panic

We all have that one band where no matter how we feel, their songs will always get us up and dancing or singing on the top of our lungs. Neck Deep seems to have become one of those bands for the generation growing up in today's pop-punk scene. The Welsh band from Wales just released their third album The Peace and the Panic on August 18, 2017 and it’s no surprise that this album has a different feel than their first two albums Wishful Thinking and Life’s Not Out to Get You. Overall, this album still has the pop-punk feel that their fans are looking for but you can clearly see their growth.

“In Bloom,” the latest single from the album, happens to show that maturity by leaning away from the raw punk sound and more towards a pop sound. However, the change is not drastic but rather something enjoyable. With this being the fifth song on the album it follows songs that have the same heavy guitars and raw vocals. It even follows “Happy Judgment Day” which was one of two singles released early this year. The song itself really has the Neck Deep feel talking about how the world has been really screwed up since the election of 2017…at least that’s what I’ve picked up from the lyrics “…building walls/dropping bombs/stop the world I’m getting off/oh we almost had it/never thought I’d see the day/when the world went up in flames” the chorus of the song, as you can see, really lean towards the panic side of the album. Yet with the catchy riffs of the guitars and the vocals sounding so happy to be alive, you tend to forget the lyrics are reminding you that since the election, we have been divided and we keep looking to our social medias and our television screens on what to believe and what to not.

The other single that was released “Wish You Were Here” is another somber toned song. Not surprising though, Neck Deep has a song called “December” which the first version happens to be just as slow. Yet still, it’s a nice change and still comforting to hear and knowing that the band is growing.

My personal favorite song off the new album is “19 Seventy Sumthin’” because it’s about loss and family and remembering that family will always be there for each other. This album was not only influenced by the warped society we live in but also the loss of frontman, Ben Barlow’s father. This song reflects that devastating loss and it’s not only catchy but the lyrics are beautiful. Though mourning the death of their father, the family is still there for each other reminding them that he will always be with you.

Needless to say, Neck Deep’s fan base is excited and responding well to the new singles that have been dropped. Within 24 hours of the music videos for the single's being released, they have more views than any of the other songs released before with “In Bloom” at 226,042 and rising as we speak. This album was highly anticipated and I can assure you, after listening to it myself, it has easily become one of my favorites. Neck Deep has announced a North American tour in 2018 and The Peace and The Panic is available on ITunes and you can stream it now on Apple music and Spotify. To order the Album go to and to purchase tickets, go to:

Photos by Megan Garzone at Vans Warped Tour 2017

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