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  • Samantha Grierson

Hoodie Allen at The Fillmore Silver Spring 11-22-17

On the eve of Thanksgiving The Hype World Tour made one of its last U.S stops at The Fillmore in Washington, D.C., just a few months shy of two years since his last visit to the nation's capital. If you don't know anything about Hoodie Allen, there's one thing you'll notice almost right away. He loves his fans. He isn’t signed to a record label and able to tour the world; his fans are the ones who keep him going. If you ever find yourself at a Hoodie Allen show, you are in luck. There's never a dull moment with this guy on stage. His high energy, engagement with the crowd and witty raps are enjoyable for anyone!

As the band took the stage and started playing the first track off The Hype album "Do You Believe”, the anticipation for Hoodie to appear was rising. The lights flashed brighter, the crowd started screaming louder and he finally made his anticipated appearance. They quickly moved on to play the first single from the new album "Sushi". As the crowd sung along, Hoodie grabbed a handheld confetti cannon and started to blow "sushi dollars" over the crowd. This was just one of many surprises he had in store for the night.

The show went on with a few more songs from his two most recent albums before Hoodie stopped to tell us about a fan he met at the merch table who had a song request. This lead to the start of "I Am Not A Robot”, one of his oldest hits from his first mixtape that dropped seven years ago. The crowd was ecstatic over this. No matter what type of concert you're at, it’s always a real treat when the artist performs something that you don't expect.

Hoodie informed the crowd that was just a warm up. With that said he started with "Act My Age”. Once the song dropped smoke clouds shot up from all four corners of the stage and the strobes kicked in. The energy of the crowd only grew from this moment on.

After taking song requests from the crowd, bringing a lucky fan on stage, and the infamous cake toss during "Cake Boy”, Hoodie jumped off stage to sing along with fans in the front row. Hoodie then left the stage for a very short amount of time, then came back to play "All of my friends" and his biggest banger of all time "No Interruption" during which he hopped in an inflatable raft on top the crowd. Fans passed the raft to the back of the crowd as Hoodie lounged back in it.

The show didn't end with just that encore. Once the raft that held Hoodie returned back to the stage, it ended with a dance party. As a hit song began playing through the club’s speakers, Hoodie and his band sprayed water on the crowd and continued to dance around while handing out set lists and drum sticks. The atmosphere in The Fillmore held high energy the entire time Hoodie was on stage. It was obvious the crowd didn’t want the night to end and Hoodie didn’t want it to either.

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