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  • Carl Beust

Pepper at The Republik 12-1-17

The band Pepper formed in the town of Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1996. Like most band from the islands, they had to leave for the mainland to broaden their horizons and reach a larger audience. After relocating to San Diego, California, the band toured tirelessly with the likes of 311, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime with Rome and spent a few summers on The Warped Tour. Although the band relocated in 1999, they have never forgotten their island roots. Pepper’s longtime Hawaii fans have always been rewarded with appearances on the islands. This year was no different.

After playing two gigs on the North Shore of Oahu, including a raucous acoustic set at the Volcom Surf House, Pepper played their last show of the year at The Republik, in Honolulu. Kaleo Wassman, on guitar and vocals, Brett Bollinger on bass and vocals, and Yesod Williams on drums took the stage to the cheers of a sold out show.

Pepper played their reggae, ska, alternative, pop punk, style of music for over an hour and a half. Almost half of the set list contained songs from their album Kona Town. Pepper began the show with the bass line of “Boot”. After playing “Start You Up”, one of two songs played from Pepper’s latest album Ohana, the band retuned to the Kona Town semi protest track “Stormtrooper."

The band continued with their smooth vocals and easy to absorb melodies on tracks as “Too Much”, “The Invite”, “Freeze”, and “Dry Spell”. The laid back spirit of adolescent hormone infused songs, “Point and Shoot”, “Hos”, “Drunk Girl”, “Give It Up”, and “F**k Around All Night” filled in the gaps of their set list. The band’s encore consisted of the one two punch of “Nice Time” and “Ashes”.

After a Christmas/New Year break Pepper will be returning to the mainland for a number of shows. If you need a break from the winter blues, and want a night of reggae/rock with high-energy, libido fueled summer anthems, don’t miss Pepper!


01. Boot

02. Start You Up

03. Stormtrooper

04. Point & Shoot

05. Hos

06. Too Much

07. Stone Love

08. Drunk Girl

09. Crazy Love

10. The Invite

11. Give It Up

12. Freeze

13. F**K Around (All Night)

14. No Control

15. Love Affair

16. Your Face

17. Dry Spell

Encore: Nice Time


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