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  • Dawn Phillips

Spotlight: Maryland Local Bands

If you didn’t make it to 5 South Event Center in Callaway, Maryland on Saturday night, then you missed a fantastic show! It’s been well over a decade since I’ve photographed bands, not really knowing the genre I would be embarking on, I got my gear and went for it!

The stage was set and dim who and when would take stage first? As I stood there waiting Britney Spears’ “Toxic” filled the air. With Lying Eyes took the stage, as their drummer pounded out a tune, the crowd went crazy! “Nothing to Show” was their first song and it did not disappoint, I was blown away, the mastery behind the lyrics kept the crowd wanting more, as I looked out in the crowd everyone knew this band, as well as the lyrics to each and every song!

Let me introduce the band -

David Hamner – Vocals

Chris Dean – Guitar

Jesse Cusic - Guitar

Dylan Gausman - Bass

Nick Cusic - Drums

A little information about With Lying Eyes, this band is out of Newburg, Maryland and formed in 2009. Dylan Gausman (bass) joined shortly after in 2010. They have five recorded albums, with the most recent being “Light the Way” EP. They are working on new music, after the success of their video for their single “More Like You,” With Lying Eyes will be working on a new music video. They are currently writing new music as well as booking events for 2018.

When asked who the band looked up too, I wasn’t surprised to hear some older bands as in Alice in Chains, Skinny Puppy, The Story So Far, My Chemical Romance, as well as Sevendust.

Be sure to catch a show this summer as With Lying Eyes will be playing heavily at that time in the DMV area.

Next to take the stage was Others May Fall, following up with HydraFX. Dave Hamner, from With Lying Eyes, jumped on stage with HydraFX and belted out a song with them. Both of these local bands rocked the house! Seconds after the last song was sung the crowd roared TANTRIC, TANTRIC, TANTRIC.

Tantric took the stage and all hell broke loose, heads started to bang and the crowd started screaming , cheering and chanting as they pushed closer to the stage. Tantric kept the crowd engaged and on their feet the entire time. Half way into the set the acoustic guitar was brought out, as Hugo Ferreira charmed the crowd with his acoustic abilities, in a matter of minutes the rest of the band joined in. It went from an acoustic melodic melody to pure unadulterated ROCK! It was a night to remember.

If you’d like to catch a show, Tantric will be playing at these locations

1/17 Blackthorn 51-Elmhurst, NY

1/18 Revolution Bar & Music Hall-Amityville, NY

1/19 Courtyard Lunge-Englewood, OH

1/20 The Q-Roanoke, VA

With Lying Eyes:

Others May Fall:


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