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  • Jordan Nathanson

The Peace and The Panic in Orlando

Celebrating their third studio album, The Peace and The Panic, Neck Deep hits the states on tour! This is the first time the band has performed in the States since the 2017 Vans Warped Tour. This 11-track album became an instant hit placing #2 on the Top Album chart and #4 on the Billboard Top 200.

Being a huge fan of Neck Deep and a fan of the album as well, I can say this tour is a great way to not only honor the album, but to honor the fans that have been supporting the band from the beginning. Luckily, I got to go to the sold out Orlando date at the Plaza Live to show my love and support as well. The show itself was fantastic! This was not the first time I have seen Neck Deep, but I can see the how their passion for music and performing has grown.

Opening with “Happy Judgment Day" was a great way to kick off their set. You can feel the energy in the rooming rising and the fans were having such a blast crowd surfing and moshing. I think one of the best parts of the set was when they played "Wish You Were Here" acoustically. Though the song itself is slower than the rest on The Peace and The Panic album, hearing it acoustically made the song so meaningful and you can see it in the bands face as they played and sang along with their fans that this song truly means something to them.

You can catch them on tour with Speak Low, Creeper and Seaway as they tour around the States. You can also download The Peace and The Panic from iTunes or Spotify or even try your luck and get it through Vinyl or go old school and buy the CD in stores via Hopeless Records.


1. Happy Judgement Day

2. Lime St

3. Gold Steps

4. Motion Sickness

5. What Did You Expect?

6. Parachute

7. Kali Ma

8. Rock Bottom

9. Citizens of Earth

10. Don't Wait

11. In Bloom

12. December

13. Head to the Ground

14. Wish You Were Here

15. A Part of Me

Encore: All Hype, No Heart | Can't Kick Up the Roots | Where Do We Go When We Go


On tour with Neck Deep celebrating The Peace and The Panic is theatrical-punk band Creeper. Originally from England, this British punk band surely surprised me. When they first stepped out on stage, I could feel the energy that radiated form their fans here in the States. Seeing them for the first time, Creeper gave off a My Chemical Romance/Good Charlotte back in the old days vibes. Considering those are my favorite bands, it was love at first guitar chord.

Though still new to their music, I can tell you their stage presences is amazing! Every member of the band was full of energy and the crowd was eating it up. You can catch Creeper along with Speak Low, Seaway and headliner Neck Deep in the States on tour across the US and see why Kevin Lyman, creator of Vans Warped Tour, says “The band is ready to take the charge of the next generation in Punk” for yourselves. You can also download their debut album Eternity, In Your Arms on iTunes.


1. Hiding with Boys

2. Winona Forever

3. Suzanne

4. Poison Pens

5. Astral Projection


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