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  • Samantha Grierson

Belle Game celebrates being alive in Washington D.C.

Belle Game, Vancouver based Canadian natives, took stage in our Nation's Capital on an unusually warm night on January 27th. A beautiful atmosphere was created the second they began to play, capturing the audience's full attention quickly. It was impossible to not tap your foot to the beat and feel the music within you. The band took control of the stage by playing two songs back to back.

The music only amplified the cozy and down to earth feel of the Sondbyrd. Strings of white holiday lights lined the low ceilings and created the perfect amount of dim lighting. Curtains and record covers surrounded the stage walls.

“We came here to feel something tonight,” Andrea Lo, the lead singer began after the end of the second song. “So whatever you’re going to feel tonight, feel good, feel shit-whatever. Do it here. It’s safe, Let’s celebrate being alive.” A haunting sweet melody began to fill the room and chills were sent through the crowd as she began to sing. The crowd was already captivated by Andrea’s soul touching voice and now by her encouraging words.

“Free Yourself” was written on Andrea’s shirt and it set the perfect tone of the night. By the end of Belle Game's set, the crowd began to subconsciously free themselves. They swayed and danced to the beat freely as if the music was contagious.

Belle Game has the ability to captivate their audience on an emotional level. They have perfected getting a message across without words, but with the power of their music.

Belle Game is a four-piece ethereal crush pop band from Vancouver. Featuring Andrea Lo (vocals), Adam Nanji (guitar), Alex Andrew (drums), and Katrina Jones (keys/vocals). 2017 saw the release of Belle Game's sophomore album Fear/Nothing. Check out more on the band here.

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