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  • Dawn Phillips

COIN dances with DC on The North American Tour

Saturday’s rain and cold didn’t keep me nor 1200 others from the 9:30 Club’s SOLD OUT show.

The 9:30 Club first started out as Nightclub 9:30, which was originally housed in the ground floor rear room of the Atlantic Building at 930 F Street NW, in the city’s downtown area where it opened on May 31, 1980. The club had a legal standing capacity of only 199 patrons. In 1996, due to it increasing prominence, the club was moved to a roomier space at its current location 815 V Street NW. The 9:30 Club name was derived from its original address as well as the opening time 9:30PM!

This isn’t your normal venue, private balcony overlooking the stage as well as an extensive menu; I’m not talking your average chicken tenders either! To pass the time, concert goers divulged themselves in taking group photos as well as selfies to memorialize the evening. As time drew closer concert goers moved closer to the stage packing the main floor.

The Aces took stage and the crowd went wild clapping, chanting and cheering, the venue was lit! The Aces, an all female band from Provo Utah, music is an Indie pop produced with an electronic edge. The Aces kept the crowd engaged during the entire set, concert goers went crazy when Cristal Ramirez walked the “catwalk” and she was close enough for concert goers to reach her hand.

If you haven’t seen The Aces live check our the remaining tour schedule for the month of February at the end of this post.

COIN is an American Indie pop band straight outta Nashville! COIN gained mainstream attention in 2015 with their lead single “RUN”, then in 2016 COIN gained further mainstream attention with the lead single “Talk Too Much.” How Will You Know If You Never Try was released April 21, 2017, the song has since become their first song to chart on Billboards Alternative songs chart

The intro music that played prior to COIN taking stage had concert goers pumped and ready! The venue went dark as the band took the stage; the screen behind the drummer had ‘WELCOME HOME’ on it, concert goers went wild! Part of the song was done unlit and as Chase took to his synth and belted out a few notes, bursts of lights started shooting out illuminating the stage concert goers couldn’t help but scream, sing, and cheer! Chase kept the crowd wanting more and more, one song, then two, three, four, five songs later, not one person wasn’t singing to their music.

I made my way to the balcony area, from above you got a better sense of how packed the venue really was, concert goers were shoulder to shoulder leaving zero room on the main floor! From the balcony I was in awe of COIN, not only was I into their music but their on stage performance is a show stopper! One of the best I’ve seen in a long time, on the big screen COIN showed various photographs such as a smiley face, building clock, and a sunset on the beach. One certain photograph that sent concert goers wild was a photograph of the band as children. For a band to show themselves as children has a real way of connecting them with their fans fully.

Chase’s onstage performance is outstanding and he wasn’t afraid to crowd surf, which sent the entire left side of the venue into a frenzy, before returning to stage Chase took a selfie with concert goers, I’m sure that made a few peoples night! Chase didn’t leave out the right side of the venue, he walked on the railing above concert goers getting just close enough, the entire venue went crazy!

How does one keep the crowd wanting more? You jump down into the middle of the venue touching as many concert goers as possible. COIN is a showstopper, if you didn’t make it to the 9:30 Club then you truly missed out on an amazing concert!

COIN’s February tour dates with The Aces:

Feb 13 Paradise Rock Club Boston

Feb 16 The Mod Club Toronto

Feb 17 St Andrews Hall Detroit

Feb 18 House of Blues Cleveland

Feb 22 Newport Music Hall Columbus

Feb 23 The Mercury Ballroom Louisville

Feb 24 House of Blues Chicago

Feb 25 Fine Line Music Café Minneapolis

Feb 27 Delmar Hall Saint Louis

Feb 28 Truman Kansas City

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