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  • Jordan Nathanson

Tonight Alive at The Beacham in Orlando

From the land down under, Tonight Alive! took the stage during The Get Free Tour and performed their hearts out. I have had the pleasure of seeing Tonight Alive a few times before this and every time I see them perform, I am blown away with the amount of heart and soul they all have.

The one thing about this show in particular that I loved is watching them perform “Oxygen” acoustic. The lyrics alone are haunting, but you could feel the soul and the power behind the lyrics. Though you can feel the mood settle down during the acoustic set, they picked the energy right back up. Everyone was dancing and singing along and crowed surfing. You can catch Tonight Alive! on tour still with Silverstein on The Get Free Tour and don’t forget to check them out on iTunes and Spotify.


1. How Does It Feel?

2. Lonely Girl

3. The Ocean

4. Listening

5. World Away

6. What Are You So Scared Of?

7. Hell and Back

8. Crack My Heart

9. Oxygen

10. The Other Side

11. To Be Free

12. Disappear

13. The Edge

14. Temple

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