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  • Garrett Stroup

Red Sun Rising to release Thread on March 30th

Red Sun Rising, one of today’s modern rock bands that just does the right amount of everything. Many a time I have caught myself tongue-tied trying to “explain” Red Sun Rising to a friend or coworker, and just end up giving up because the band is too hard to describe because they’re JUST. SO. GOOD.

Polyester Zeal, the band’s first studio album, brought killer singles “Emotionless” and “The Otherside,” along with a slew of other songs that ended up becoming my personal favorites off the album (“Blister,” “My Muse,” and a couple others). Naturally, when offered the chance to review the band’s upcoming album Thread by my editor-in-chief at Photopassed, how could I let that pass me up?? That’s enough of an intro; let’s get down to it!

Opening track: “Fascination.” Piercing, purposefully discordant riffs capture your ear in that all-too-familiar, mysterious, RSR-esque way, and lead you straight into smooth vocals with beautiful, subtle effects, with some silky falsetto peppered in; the album’s foreplay. Things are heating up by the second track, “Left For Dead,” as we are reintroduced to front man Mike Protich’s masterful, shrieky high notes, that somehow only he manages to pull off with the right amount of “umph” as to be super powerful, but not at all shrill or displeasing.

One of my favorite things about Red Sun Rising is how they introduce folksy, “old western”-sounding guitar and percussion bits into their songs. “Deathwish,” the third track off Thread [and one that you have probably listened to already], was the first single the band released from their upcoming album; from the very beginning, the infectious guitar riffs and rhythm segments take hold of you and tug you right into percussion bits akin to the aforementioned “western/folksy” touches, closing with an anthemic chorus. The following song, “Stealing Life,” opens with an acoustic guitar in the same “western” vein; the same little touch that made me fall in love with “Blister,” off Polyester Zeal.

I would love to describe every song on the album in painful detail, but like I said, it’s SO HARD to describe Red Sun Rising, because they’re SO GOOD, and Thread shows a graceful evolution of the band’s pre-existing ability to employ masterful dynamics, killer vocals, finessed instrumentals, and [as I stated before] the right amount of EVERYTHING! Any fan of modern rock needs to get their hands on Thread!

Red Sun Rising is Mike Protich (vocals/guitar), Ryan Williams (guitar), Ricky Miller (bass/vocals, Keys), Dave McGarry (guitar/vocals) and Pat Gerasia (drums).

Head to to pre-order Thead.


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