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  • Garrett Stroup

Accio New Music! Tom Riddle's Last Horcrux

Every once in a while, life hands you exactly what you’ve been craving; in any diehard metal-core fan’s case, it’s a brutal, cleverly-named metal album; by a talented, cleverly-named band. The Dark Mark by Horcrux is a metal fan’s dream come true; filthy muggle or not. Hurling the listener into piercing, hauntingly melodic riffs with opening track “Resilient,” it is made instantly clear that Horcrux is not here to take prisoners [of Azkaban]; rather, they are dragging you on a magical, ruthless, barbarous journey, and you will be solemnly swearing you are up to no good by the end of it. From the opening track to "Live Through Me," "The Dark Mark" wows the listener with merciless screams, diverse instrumental metal tracks with a unique electronica spin, and of course, gratuitous nods to the Harry Potter universe (including tracks "Wormtail" and "Dark Mark"). This is truly an album a Death Eater would be proud to listen to; or, y'know, any average Joe about to hit the gym, or challenge a bear to a wrestling match, or something.

The band, hailing from Ottawa, released their debut EP on February 16th. The band worked on the release for two years, dedicated to perfecting their classical metalcore sound, while still experimenting and making the sound truly their own. The band is setting out on the road in support of The Dark Mark across parts of Canada. You can catch them on select dates on The Dark Chapters Tour with Feels Like Home and Loyalist. Vocalist Michael Labelle shared, "We're really happy to play some new and familiar places on this run. We're trying really hard to bring Horcrux to you this year and we'll see you all very soon."

Stand out songs: Resilient / Home / The Outsider

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