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  • Dawn Phillips

[ALEXANDROS] at U Street Music Hall

Washington D.C. nightlife is pretty amazing; the city shines brightly under a star filled sky. U Street, an important African-American cultural and nightlife hub from the 1920’s through the ‘40’s, is home to the 1922 Lincoln Theatre, where local jazz greats like Duke Ellington once performed. Rooftop bars and trendy DJ lounges add to the late-night buzz. While vibrant murals color the streets. While strolling down U Street don’t forget to make a stop in old Ben’s Chili Bowl, other dining options are quirky cafes and Little Ethiopia’s cluster of eateries.

U Street Music Hall, which is situated near The Lincoln Theatre, is a basement dance club and live music venue. Its 500 person capacity room features one of the city’s best sound systems, this venue makes it possible for you to get close to your favorite band!

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see your favorite band? Is being too far away such a thing when you REALLY, REALLY have to see your favorite band? Is traveling 6,776 miles too far? Would you do it? Well, many concert goers made the trip of a life time and traveled those 6,776 miles to see [ALEXANDROS] perform here in the United States for the very first time!

Why did they travel so far when ALEXANDROS plays continually in Japan? ALEXANDROS is a hot band in Japan, many traveled here to the United States so that they could be in very CLOSE proximity to their favorite band. U Street Music Hall did an amazing job allowing somewhat of an access for concert goers to be within hands reach; normally the venue sets up a barricade to keep the artists at a safe distance from the crowd; imagine walking in to see your favorite band without a barricade up! Knowing that your all time favorite band could jump down and be right next to you, frontman Yoohei Kawakami did just that, those in the front row had the chance of a lifetime to reach out and touch him. The crowd kept their composure as front man Yoohei Kawakami wooed the crowd, U Street Music Hall had an amazing crowd that filled the venue the crowd cheered, as well as sang….they were there for that once in a lifetime closeness with ALEXANDROS!

[ALEXANDROS] is ready to rock your little world, let’s meet the band! [ALEXANDROS] (Previously known as [Champagne]) was initially formed by vocalist Yoohei Kawakami in 2001 and bassist Hiroyuki Isobe. Being brought up in Syria, Yoohei speaks fluent English with a unique Middle Eastern accent. He sings both in English and Japanese, not only aggressive rock numbers but sweet and mellow tunes he creates. Hiroyuki, spending most of his childhood in the US contributes to the band‘s sound that stands out from the other Japanese local bands. These two got together to form what is to become one of the most original bands to emerge from Japan.

Jamming out to their CD, not one song would you skip over, they lay down tracks that get you moving. The "Mosquito Bite" video opens with Kawakami, Isobe, Shirai laying down some sick riffs that bring in that hard rock genre full force right up in your face; then laying down lyrics that scream.

ALEXANDROS hails from Japan; were they perform to sell out crowds that pack stadiums each and every concert. So traveling 6,776 miles was well worth the trip, after the show ALEXANDROS had a VIP meet and greet; concert goers lined up waiting their turn not only to get an autograph but a photo with the band!

2016 was a phenomenal year for [ALEXANDROS] -- winning new artist of the year, best rock video for "Swan" as well as best rock artist!

Check out [ALEXANDROS] on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Pandora, Iheartradio, Tunein, Deezer as well as Play Music!

Claw / Waitress, Waitress! / Dracula La / Adventure / Wataridori / Run Away / Namida ga koboresou / Hanauta / Stimulator / Cat 2 / I Don’t Believe In You / Girl A / Mosquito Bite / ARPEGGIO / Kick&Spin


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