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  • Dawn Phillips

Babymetal | Metal Galaxy Tour at Terminal 5

Catapulted straight into the stratosphere for galactic endeavors, Babymetal landed in New York City home of Terminal 5 in the Hell’s Kitchen District to kick off their METAL GALAXY TOUR! Babymetal is a female fronted Japanese metal band that throws a little bit of pop into the mix, making their sound extremely unique and fascinating. The Metal Galaxy Tour is in support of their latest album of the same name which includes their 2019 singles "Distortion" and "Starlight." The album is set to release later this fall.

BABYMETAL took center stage wearing kitsune masks, the band went head first into “Megitsune” and slowly the masks were lowered revealing their faces for the crowd. The crowd went into a manic frenzy, they couldn’t get enough. The crowd completely diverse ranged from your normal old school headbanger, teens, youth and those metal moms!

Babymetal is comprised of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL, who sing and perform choreographed dances that are typical of the J-POP style. Babymetal is backed by the Kami band, true heavy metal musicians. The pop vocals and heavy metal instruments work perfectly together, creating a luscious cohesive metal sound that could lull a giant into slumber land. Front woman SU-METAL took control and asserted her authority as any front woman from a metal band would do, while the heavy metal grooves and amazing metal riffs exploded from the Kami Band.

Babymetal then went to galactic proportions and performed the first of several Metal Galaxy tracks, high energy “Elevator Girl,” “Kagerou,” “Pa Pa Ya!!” and “Shanti Shanti Shanti." Babymetal came roaring with a vengeance with the at times poppy vibe then thrusting into the heaviest of metal. This drove the crowd wildly insane, the mosh pit was incredible intense, reminiscent to some of the more intense metal shows weve seen like Anthrax and Lamb of God.

These teen girls posses capabilities far beyond their years, their choreography was stunning and accurate while the showmanship and charisma on stage were nothing short of spectacular. This is not just a concert, but an entire production.

Megitsune / Elevator Girl / Shanti Shanti Shanti / Kagerou / Starlight / Gimme Chocolate!! / PA PA YA!! / Distortion / KARATE / Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!! / THE ONE / Road of Resistance


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