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  • Iris Konstant

Bishop Briggs at Marathon Music Works

When: May 30th, 2018

Where: Marathon Music Works (Nashville, Tennessee)


1. White Flag

2. Wild Horses

3. Tempt My Trouble

4. The Way I Do

5. Be Your Love

6. Lyin’

7. Water (Cover by Frank Ocean)

8. The Fire

9. Hallowed Ground

10. Dream

11. Hi Lo (Hollow)


Baby (Demo)


As the summer touring season begins to kick into action and festivals commence in cities across the globe, one name should be on your “must watch list,” Bishop Briggs. The indie power-pop sensation is touring across the US in support of her debut release, Church of Scars, released via Teleport/Island Records. The aptly named “Church of Scars” tour was therefore, a tour de force in support of her newest release.

Amongst a myriad of cities ranging from coast to coast; the “Church of Scars” tour managed to wind its way across the country and find a home at Marathon Music Works in Music City, USA (Nashville, TN). Where a diverse crowd gathered to listen to the songstress’ powerful voice and impactful words.

Heading into the night, I was unsure of what I would face at Marathon Music Works; as beforehand I had only heard of Bishop Briggs in passing conversations. Before the concert had started, I’d walked around the room a bit and tried to gauge the vibe of the crowd (trust me, you can learn a lot about the artist by the crowd they draw); but that was an utter failure. It wasn’t until after Foreign Air’s [an electronic indie act] set that I was truly able to tap into who and what Bishop Briggs is about.

An energetic and bubbly young artist who’s unafraid to voice her thoughts and empower generations.

Bishop Briggs’ set at Marathon Music Works was rather simple, but the simplicity allowed for her true colors to shine vibrantly in Nashville, TN. As the young artist touched on topics close to youth, such as support for the LGBTQIA community [through a GLAAD Donation Box prevalent at the Merch Booth] and relationship issues. Wherein Bishop recommended that fans discretely deposit any toxic relationships or individuals “in the nearest trash can.”

From “White Flag” to “Lyin’” [co-written with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons] to “River,” Bishop Briggs exuded a radiant and infectious zeal with each song. Which for someone who walked into a venue, with no idea who Bishop Briggs really was, this culture and energy endeared me to her and her music; seeing as I left the venue with her debut release downloaded to my iTunes library.

Bishop Briggs

Foreign Air


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