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  • Iris Konstant

Breaking Benjamin at Marathon Music Works


1. Red Cold River

2. I Will Not Bow

3. Never Again

4. Failure

5. Breath

6. The Imperial March/ Schism/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Sad But True/ Walk/ Drum Solo Mashup

7. Sooner or Later

8. Blow Me Away

9. Angels Fall

10. Ashes of Eden

11. So Cold


Evil Angel


Torn in Two

The Diary of Jane

North-American rock legends 10 Years and Breaking Benjamin rolled through Marathon Music Works located in Nashville, TN, during their US Spring tour. In support of Breaking Benjamin’s current release Ember, which is currently available via Hollywood Records.

The sold-out Nashville date kicked off with 10 Years’ new song “Halos” off of 10 Years’ newest release (How to Live) As Ghosts. Which was followed up by their hit song, “Now is the Time (Ravenous),” which set the tone for the fans’ attitude that night; ravenous and ready to hear some kick-ass rock’n’roll music.

Breaking Benjamin didn’t stray away from giving their fans what they truly wanted to hear, unbridled and unadulterated rock music. Breaking Benjamin kicked off their set with their current chart favourite, “Red Cold River” which saw the multi-layered stage [and the band members] drenched in a captivatingly mysterious red light. Which served to draw and captivate the sold-out crowd. From “Red Cold River” to “The Diary of Jane,” Breaking Benjamin provided fans with an outlet and an opportunity to scream their lungs out to songs they love, both new and old.

As Jesse Hasek put it, “tonight’s about celebrating the power of music.”


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