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Celtic Punk Heavyweights Dropkick Murphys Coming to the Fillmore Charlotte, 3/9/18

On the list of “popular” genres in today’s musical climate, you’d think bagpipe, accordion, and mandolin-driven punk wouldn’t be too high on the list. Such a niche genre would likely fade, lacking a place in 2018’s fickle industry…right? Wrong.

Dropkick Murphys’ St. Patrick’s Day tour is proof to the contrary: for the 22nd year in a row, the band is taking a bit o' Ireland to venues across the States. The draw of moshing music with a hearty dose of Irish tradition brings us to the sold-out Fillmore in Charlotte next week for our yearly St. Patty’s fix.

What’s so special about Dropkick Murphy’s you might ask? The Boston septet brings a raucous, aggressive, authentic punk atmosphere that never divorces itself from their Irish roots. After several independently released EPs, the band burst onto the mainstream in 2005 with “Shipping Up to Boston”, an instantly recognizable foot-stomping track that became their anthem. Since then, the band has maintained their trajectory and have become a face of Celtic influenced punk. What started as a more straightforward punk band picked up on the Irish influences present in Bostonian culture, internalized them and churned out a perfect blend of aggression and Celtic tradition.  Over the years, that blend has evolved and become the signature abrasive, infectious, and distinctly DKM sound.

The band is currently out in support of their latest record, “11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory”, and is set to kick Charlotte in the teeth on March 9. Be there. Doors 7:30, don’t miss it.

-Masen Smith with Photopassed


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