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  • Dawn Phillips

Daughters at Black Cat DC

The early 90’s DC suffered from a lack of good concert venues especially spaces that catered to the underground music scene. In hopes to revive the tradition of independent music in DC, The Black Cat opened in September 1993. The first bands to play were The Fall, Rancid, Morphine, Stereolab, Slant 6 and 9353. Located in the heart of the historic U Street Corridor it's a nighttime hot-spot offering a number of popular nightclubs, bars, restaurants as well as retail spaces that cater to a diverse blend of DC’s culture hungry population. In 2001, Black Cat relocated to a larger space only three doors down from its original spot; performers that have graced the stage: Korn, Pennywise, Jeff Buckley and Death Cab for Cutie to name a few.

Daughters blew the paint off the walls Sunday night at Black Cat DC, as vocalist Marshall stepped on stage to a packed house. This was the band of all bands that the crowd yearned for, chanting, cheering and lighting cell phones up trying to get a glimpse of Marshall taking front and center. BAM and let there be light…. The entire venue is in full howling effect, I’m speculating on this; Marshall has to be thinking “hell effing yea -- this is what I live for” as he takes front and center. I’m not even completely sure that Marshall even got a note out or did anything specific before the crowd started chanting and head banging, one thing for sure -- Marshall has a big following. Daughters is on tour as we speak, with 17 shows lined up and 10 sold out!

As I stood there in awe taking in the scene, bodies started flying up on stage and the mosh pit grew so quickly, half of the venue was engaged thrashing about. I’m steadily snapping away, you never really know what will happen and you certainly don’t want to miss any of it! Never been to a show? You’re completely missing out, not one show is the same as the other, it’s as if Marshall feeds off the crowd, they give him the power to fuel his inner being sending crystal clear vocals far into the venue. Marshall just instantly connects with the crowd, while Marshall threw out lyrics; the crowd threw shoes; Marshall hesitated with a devilish look and the entire venue went wild. It’s the not knowing what’ll be next…. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves on this one!

Back in the day of Motley Crue, I flocked to those concerts, like who didn’t love to hear girls, girls, girls and the roar of a motorcycle coming onto stage!? Was I there for the lyrics or for the stage presence? All ages are flocking to see Daughters… You’ve never heard of Daughters? I don’t mean the song “daughters” either! Let me fill you in, when Daughters throw down lyrics, they don’t hold back; they’re out there telling it how it is in REAL LIFE. Crowds converge to connect with Daughters as lead guitarist Sadler “air grinds” while laying down heavy riffs, Marshall thrashes about while belting out lyrics of making mistakes and coming undone. Marshall speaks lyrically to the crowd with understanding what this generation needs.

As successful as Daughters had become from 2002-2009, in 2009 Daughters called it quits, sometimes you just need to take a step back, evaluate and allow time to pass.

A chance dinner or was it really a set up dinner meeting? Either way, Marshall and Sadler sat down within minutes started discussing and making plans. September of 2013 Daughters reformed for one show in Rhode Island and due to popular demand, a second show was added. 2014 the band started recording at Providence based studio, Machines with Magnets. July 13, 2018 Daughters released a single “Satan in the Wait” for an upcoming album. You Won’t Get What You Want was released as their second single from the album The Reason They Hate Me; the band is back and back with a vengence, it’s a lot noisier and abrasive.

Want a night of complete and utter intense mind blowing interaction? Catch Daughters while they’re on tour!


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