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  • Dawn Phillips

Daughters at Metro Gallery in Baltimore

Metro Gallery in downtown Baltimore, Maryland is a multipurpose performance space, art gallery as well as a bar in the Station North Arts District. Metro Gallery has been in operation since 2007, MG curates art shows with a focus on emerging artists; that not all MG is known for~ MG has hosted esteemed touring and local musical acts, including Cass McCombs, The Antlers, Sea Wolf, Beach House, Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) and many more.

Daughters a rock band which formed in 2002 in Providence, Rhode Island after the breakup of As the Sun Sets. Band members are Alexis Marshall (vocals), Nicholas Andrew Sadler (guitarist), Jonathan Syverson (drums) and Samuel Moorehouse Walker (bassist). Daughters’ earlier material was primarily “grindcore” which originated in the mid 80’s, is an extreme fusion of heavy metal and hardcore punk. Daughters current material is labeled noise rock which is a diverse style of experimental rock, applying noise musical elements; totally a spin off from punk rock from the 80’s. The 80’s, birth of metalcore, deathcore, post metal, power metal, stoner metal thrash metal as well as mathcore are all labels that have been thrown at the band, but seeing their performance live puts an entirely new spin on the music -- it's very hard to pin down just exactly what it is that Daughters does so well, but the flow is undeniable.

Daughters put on an amazing performance; their stage presence is nothing short of amazing. Daughters reels the entire crowd in, keeping them in their trance as if they were put under a spell. In 2018, Daughters had three singles released, “Satan in the Wait,” released in July, “The Reason They Hate Me,” an industrial dance song that debuted in August, and “Long Road, No Turns” in October. This song seems to dissolve around Marshall’s voice as he sings about shackled wrists. The music is heavy, kind of like something out of a scary movie, not sure if heavy music is supposed to be scary, but Daughters has definitely brought heart-racing, palpitating, heavy music to a new level.

The crowd seemed to be “worshiping” the very stage that Marshall stood on, bowing as he walked back and forth. As Daughters kept the crowd under their spell crowd surfing went down in epic proportions; one by one they jumped up onto the stage then dove right into the crowd.

Daughters have blurred the lines when it comes to heavy music sub genres, they’re lighting and igniting a “cult fervor”, you can’t classify them as a certain sound or an aesthetic, they’re a rock ‘n roll band that breaks all the rules when it comes to genres, they do what they want, whenever they want too. Expect not to expect anything when Daughters takes the stage!

Long Road - No Turns / The Lords Song / Recorded Inside a Pyramid / Satan in the Wait / Daughters Spelled Wrong / Fiery / The Dead Singer / The Theatre Goer / Daughter / The Virgin / The First Supper / The Reason They Hate Me / Guest House / Ocean Song


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