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  • Dawn Phillips

David Rosales at The Vinyl Lounge

David Rosales

If you didn’t make your way out to The Vinyl Lounge at Gypsy Sally’s then you missed an amazing singer! Gypsy Sally’s is a live music venue/bar/restaurant, dedicated to bringing back the musical legacy of Georgetown’s waterfront. Once a premier live music destination, Gypsy Sally’s hosted Foreigner, U2, Kiss, The Dave Matthews Band, The Radiators and many more national tours.

David Rosales is a bluesy, country, rock, gospel, R&B Americana singer straight out of Huntington Beach, California. As Rosales’ sings you find yourself toe tapping to each and every beat! His rich baritone voice and sentimental melodies takes you back to a time when things were simple, easy and carefree.

Rosales is a passionate singer, who sings about life and experiences; Rosales is a lyrical genius, as he sings his lyrics dig deep, penetrating into your soul. Rosales is extremely down to earth taking time to connect with his followers, thanking each and everyone for their continued support.

As Rosales’ tour came to an end in DC he mesmerized folks with his extensive set list, Rosales quickly gained everyone’s attention as he sang Johnny Cash’s "Folsom Prison Blues." Mr. Cash would have approved of Rosales rendition


Every Now n' Then / Sassafras / Brave Ones / Good to Be Alive / Get Me Right / The Ballad of Rose / I Give Up, You Win / Too Young to Know Better / Slice of Heaven / My Love / Folsom Prison Blues / Sunshine / Spoonful / La Batalla / Lift Your Hands / Amelie’s Song


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