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  • Iris Konstant

Disturbed at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville

Downtown Nashville on a Saturday night is usually filled to the brim with tourists and locals alike looking to partake in the nightlife which populates the area. On February 16th, Bridgestone Arena, one of Nashville’s largest venues, was the de facto “go-to” location for those looking to have a good night. As people poured into the stadium to see two legendary acts, Three Days Grace and Disturbed. Over a thousand people poured into the stadium to see two artists, who in their own right didn’t even need openers; as one could easily tell from the crowd gathered that both Three Days Grace and Disturbed were the main draws. No need for frills here, just good old-fashioned rock and roll.

Once a darkness descended upon the arena, the electric energy which coursed through fans broke out into cheers. As they saw Three Days Grace take the stage and launch into “The Mountain” followed by “Home;” a classic which only further served to amplify and encourage the crowd to give it their all. It was this exchange of energy which drove Three Days Grace to energetic new heights. As they interacted with the crowd and celebrated their triumphant return to the stage. Seeing as Nashville was the first night back on the Evolution World Tour, after a short break. On stage, the excitement also seemed to bubble up from the fact that it was the bassist’s [Brad Walst] birthday. With that in mind and the electric energy surging forth from the crowd, Three Days Grace was primed and ready to give one hell of a performance.

After Three Days Grace left the stage, the crowd was left in nervous anticipation for Disturbed. Whose introduction solidified their place as legends; as it consisted of videos, pictures, and statements which outlined Disturbed’s road to the Evolution World Tour. Which kicked off with the song “Are You Ready” off their latest album Evolution released via Warner Brothers Records to all major streaming platforms.

As the stadium was lit up by the glow from the LED screen, it was clear that fans were ready for one hell of a night. Except this night wouldn’t be the typical concert, whether fans knew it or not. Instead, Disturbed sought to break traditional expectations of concerts by encouraging their fans to stand in solidarity with each other; as they were are all “disturbed brothers and sisters.” Which explains why Disturbed did the utmost to reach out to those suffering with Mental Health or Substance Abuse Issues; as they broadcast the number for the National Substance Abuse Hotline and the National Suicide Prevention Hotline for two solid minutes before and after “A Reason to Fight.” A commendable act which I can’t encourage enough. For all of the talk within the scene, very few artists actually hand out or give their fans tools which they can use to reach out and seek help. Coupled with the thousands of lighters and cellphones in the air during “Hold on to Memories” it was clear that Disturbed had created a concert which drew fans together. Disbanding the typical fanbase idea and instead calling everyone their brothers and sisters; a refreshing approach towards concerts from artists who have the platform to make change. It was amongst those thousands of lights where one felt true solidarity; as you could look out across the arena and find another story, another individual disturbed in their own ways.

Once the final notes of “A Reason to Fight” settled upon the arena, all of the lights slowly flickered out. Although each story, each individual still remained. It was at this point, that Disturbed took it upon themselves to light up the night once more. Before bidding adieu to the family; as streams of fire danced across the stage. It was amongst these flames that David Draiman welcomed first-time attendees and disturbed fans into the family as final act of solidarity.

Are You Ready / Prayer / The Vengeful One / The Animal / Stupify / Voices / Land of Confusion (Genesis cover) / Hold On to Memories / Ten Thousand Fists / The Game / A Reason to Fight / Watch You Burn / The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover) / Indestructible / Inside the Fire / The Light / Stricken / No More / Down With the Sickness


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