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  • Dawn Phillips

DREAMERS and Morgxn pack Union Stage

Union Stage, Washington, DC, three bands, and an all age event equals a packed house. A packed house equals dancing, singing, hanging with your bestie and TONS of fun! That’s exactly what was brewing at Union Stage, besides the tornado strength rains that came rolling in. If you haven't made your way to the Wharf or Union Stage, you're definitely missing out. Union Stage is a state of the art live music venue and tavern, located on the Wharf at 740 Water St SW in DC. Union Stage Tap Room is the place to kick back after work for pizza, beer and some radical awesome vibes. What more could you ask for during a work week?

Nashville's Morgxn has had quite the year, from playing Firefly and Lollapalooza, to collaborating with Walk the Moon, and releasing an album. Morgxn sings from experiences and from the heart, I was in awe as I stood there watching him sing, his voice is absolutely amazing and you can feel the emotional energy he packs into his music.

Morgxn stands front and center white boots, maybe some Tims, “camo” shirt and jeans, he’s completely confident in who he is and what his songs mean to him, as well as his fans! Morgxn is that person, maybe you, maybe me who was once picked on in school, bullied to the point where you felt you weren’t good enough. We’ve all been there whether we admit it or not, bullying is real and Morgxn is singing about his past and he’s killing it! He’s a complete lyrical genius singing about how life used to be for him, right now in this day and age he is lyrically speaking to each and every teen out there who is having a hard time “finding” his or her own way in life. "Carry the Weight" is especially phenomenal;

Heaven help me, I'm sinking You can see the hurt in my face Let them hear the break in your voices You never know how much you can take

'Cause you can't read me my right to Tell me who I belong to You can't bury my strength

Just those words shook me to my core! Where were these lyrics when I was growing up? Not really “fitting” in, just trying to survive high school.

Morgxn is putting down tracks that others need to take notice too, stop the judging,stop the bullying, stop the hate. Morgxn you brought the house down at Union Stage, you spoke from your heart to a packed house who listened to you and felt what you were saying, keep writing songs that speak volumes we all need a singer/songwriter like you. Morgxn you have arrived! #VITAL

Every bands dream is to perform for a full house, Union Stage was PACKED, even with the torrential downpours, concert goers weathered the storm to see their favorite band(s). I had the opportunity to photograph Dreamers sometime back in April when they opened for New Politics. Dreamers have completed their circle as they were the headlining band at Union Stage! Nick and the boys came with a full arsenal of new songs, bringing down the house with their mind blowing and surreal sounds, drawing you in further with each song they sang. Doesn’t matter what your taste in music is, Dreamers have a way of taking your mind to a different world leaving you wanting more. Not one person wasn’t engaged at this event, Nick had everyone as far as the eye could see, jumping up and down singing. Nick is an extremely talented singer, he covered the song “Zombie” back in April, it was so good even Dolores would have been proud.

Dreamers opened with “Screws” a sensually loaded track driven by striking drumbeats and lyrics that come with the frenzy of an unraveling relationship.”Screws” is a tortured love song, which embodies the darker side of romance "All I needed was to hear the truth, I'm lying naked and my brain has lost its screws, I hid away inside a lonely room, Never as lonely as when I'm alone with you, I'm such a wreck"."What an emotionally charged song “Screws” is. We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt defeated when it comes to a crumbling relationship.

Hats off to Dreamers, they went from opening shows to headlining shows in just a few short months, a phenomenal group of guys doing what they love to do-performing reeling you more and more into their world.

Screws / Misfits T / Cry Out / Fake it / All washed out / Demons / Waste / Come down / BWBW / Last Love Song / Drugs / Pain





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