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  • Carl Beust

E-40 The Republik in Honolulu

Bay area legend E-40 performed at The Republik, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The fifty year old rap legend has been out promoting his most recent release Gift Of Gab.

The veteran MC spent years releasing music independently. Although not known nationally E-40 was a local superstar. His influence soon spanned the country. Master P from New Orleans and Lil John from Atlanta were both heavily influenced by E-40 and the Bay Area rap scene.

At 10 P.M. on the nose E-40 and his partner Big Omeezy barreled on stage and commenced with “Sideways,“ “Yay Area,” into “Put Me On Something.” Dressed in a no frills Champion sweatshirt, the rapper sported a hefty “FORTY” medallion. From the beginning, it was evident that E-40 had some dedicated fans in Hawaii. Fans were echoing the rhymes of “Sliding down the Pole,” “I Got Five On It,” and “Function.” Forty five minutes later the crowd was howling the chorus to E-40’s closing song of the set, “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Once again E-40 proved his legendary status with his catchy rhymes and witty lyrics. At fifty years old, this elder statesman still has a lot to say.

Sideways / Yay Area / Put Me On Something / Boy / White Girl / Candy / Sprinkle Me / Captain Save A Hoe / I Got Five On It / My Shit Bang / Choices / Snap Yo Fingers / Sliding Down The Pole / U and Dat / Tell Me When To Go / Bitch / Function / I Don’t Fuck With You


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