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  • Virginia Rose

Everclear: Summerland Tour at Irving Plaza

When: June 5th, 2018

Where: Irving Plaza (New York, New York)

1. Amphetamine 2. Heroin Girl 3. Strawberry 4. Father of Mine 5. Learning How to Smile 6. Nervous & Weird 7. Summerland 8. Everything to Everyone 9. Normal Like You 10. Local God 11. Wonderful 12. So Much for the Afterglow 13. I Will Buy You a New Life 14. Santa Monica 15. Molly’s Lips (The Vaselines cover; with Ryan Harding of Local H)

Everclear is one of those bands that, as soon as I hear that first chord, I am instantly taken back. Back in the mid-90's when we were blessed with some of the best rock music of our time, Everclear stood out among the one hit wonders that ran aplenty. Irving Plaza in New York was treated to one of the most genuine nostalgia shows I could ever hope for. A fifteen song headlining set of pure throwback joy.

Though the band has seen lineup changes since it's inception, leaving vocalist Art Alexakis the only original member, they still hold the rugged cohesiveness together in their live performance. Each song performed was solidly well played, and had the audience shouting along with Alexakis' childhood woes. In fact, the entire set was comprised of well-known hits, and some older fan gems, with the newest songs played being "Learning How to Smile" and "Wonderful" from 2000's Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile.

There is a certain energy to shows with veteran bands. Established fan bases, coming across the same local fans in your area tour after tour, these fans know what they are getting when they come to these shows, and Everclear never disappoints. While the entire set was sprinkled with radio hits like "Heroin Girl" and "Father of Mind" it was the later portion of the set that certainly brought out the major throwback factor as fans jumped around and sang along to the Falcon Punch of "Wonderful," So Much for the Afterglow," "Santa Monica," and closing out with a cover of The Vaselines "Molly's Lips" -- talk about iPod classic shuffle of a lifetime.


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