• Masen Smith

Five Must See Bands During Worlds Loudest Month


Hailing from Gohenburg, this eclectic five piece brings their theatrical blend of melodeath and groove metal to American shores this summer. Fresh off the release of their newest record Avatar Country, the elaborately-clad Swedes assault listeners with a unique mix of aggression and tenderness. From the soulful, clean and delicate “Regret” to an in-your-face headbanger’s anthem in “Hail the Apocalypse,” Avatar has something for everyone. Coupled with Johannes Eckerstrom’s (Vocals) signature “Freakshow” clown persona, Avatar puts on a bombastic set with infectious energy and numerous peaks and valleys of intensity. Eckerstrom’s stage presence is imposing and convincing- he as well as the rest of the band own larger festival stages as if they play in front of arena-sized crowds every night. The pure mania of their set is a carnival of madness you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for the most unique band on Carolina Rebellion’s 2018 roster, look no further.


Welcome to Rockville April 28

Fort Rock April 29

Carolina Rebellion May 4

Parkway Drive

Aussie Metalcore titans Parkway Drive return to America to promote their upcoming record, “Reverence” (Out May 4, Epitaph). Brimming with aggression and the trademark Australian-UK “bounce” groove, Parkway Drive is sure to get crowds off their feet like few other bands can. Their select few club shows in the US this past year featured incredible production- pyro, impeccably timed strobes and even a rotating cage around the drum kit. The flexibility of the larger festival stages coupled with their ambitious production will ensure Parkway’s set will be one you won’t want to miss. As Parkway evolves with the release of this album, the Carolina Rebellion crowd will be among the first to hear “Reverence” live and experience a new era of Parkway Drive. As one of the heavier bands on World’s Loudest Month, this is a definite must-hit for those fans who love the anarchic art form of the mosh pit.


Welcome to Rockville April 27

Carolina Rebellion May 4

Northern Invasion May 12

Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine have been mainstays in the british metal scene since the release of their hit “The Poison” in 2004. From anthems like “Scream Aim Fire” and “Tears Don’t Fall," to their newer more hardcore-influenced sound showcased in “Raising Hell,” Bullet has been fueling rabid circle pits for more than a decade. These veterans are no stranger to massive stages- having played Rock Am Ring, Graspop and more (several times over) in Europe, the Welsh quartet whips huge crowds into a frenzy with ease. This veteran mindset is a definite reason to check out Bullet’s set -- nothing beats an infectious buildup riff by a band that knows how to break the tension cleanly and take advantage of the pure adrenaline of an eager and active crowd. If circle pits are your thing, you’d be a fool to miss Bullet for My Valentine during World’s Loudest Month.


Fort Rock April 28

Welcome to Rockville April 29

Carolina Rebellion May 4

Rock on the Range May 19

Dance Gavin Dance