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  • Michael Digiovanni

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls: Be More Kind Tour

1. 1933

2. Get Better

3. The Next Storm

4. Recovery

5. Little Changes

6. The Way I Tend to Be

7. Be More Kind

8. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous

9. I Am Disappeared

10. 21st Century Survival Blues

11. Make America Great Again

12. Plain Sailing Weather

13. The Opening Act of Spring

14. Journey of the Magi

15. Long Live the Queen

16. Blackout

17. Out of Breath

18. If Ever I Stray

19. Photosynthesis

20. Don't Worry

21. I Still Believe

22. Four Simple Words

23. Polaroid Picture

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls played to a sold-out crowd at New York City’s PlayStation Theater. The British lad and his backing band are on tour in support of their recently released seventh studio album, Be More Kind. Turner welcomed all of the first time attendees, myself included, to his super high-energy live show. He spoke about one of his opening acts on this tour, Lucero, and how they influenced him to play the punk/folk style of music he plays today. He even has a Lucero tattoo.

Turner and the Souls shredded through a twenty three song set which included hits like “Recovery,” and “The Way I Tend to Be” as well as new tracks like “1933,” title track “Be More Kind” and “Make America Great Again." He loved the fact that he was in New York and playing in Times Square. He even tried comparing crowds along this freshly started tour. His top three crowds, so far, were number three, Pittsburgh; number two, Baltimore; and coming in at number one was Philly! This NY crowd wasn’t having any of that and eventually a mosh pit broke out, incited by Turner himself. He questioned why the only people who crowd surf are “big, fat dudes.’ He called for all small people to crowd surf and for everyone else to “Don’t be a dickhead”, as he proceeded to finish his show singing mostly from the crowd.


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