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  • Michelle Munoz

Franz Ferdinand at The Wiltern

When: May 15th, 2018

Where: The Wiltern (Los Angeles, California)


1. Glimpse of Love

2. No You Girls

3. Michael

4. Lazy Boy

5. Lois Lane

(dedicated to Margot Kidder)

6. .The Dark of the Matinée

7. Walk Away

8. Do You Want To

9. Finally

10. Stand on the Horizon

11. Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow

12. Take Me Out

13. Feel the Love Go

(with band introductions)

14. Ulysses


15. Always Ascending

16. Come On Home

(dedicated to Veronica Falls drummer Patrick Doyle)

17. Love Illumination

18. Huck and Jim

19. This Fire


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