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  • Dawn Phillips

Genitorturers at Baltimore Soundstage | The Pretty in Kink Tour

The “Pretty in Kink” tour took Baltimore by storm and made Charm City “her” bitch.

Baltimore, Maryland: crowds flowed like a broken damn into venues Friday night to kick off St. Patty’s Day! The Pretty in Kink tour blew into Baltimore with a vengeance wooing the crowd with jaw dropping artists. It was a night of latex, strap ons, tutus, whips, all set to the soundtrack of every industrial-goth's early days, and if you didn’t make it to Soundstage…YOU missed a spectacular show.

Genitorturers shook things up and blew the paint off the walls with their provocative, sexually charged stage presence as well as their mesmerizing and compelling riffs. They are the beautiful side of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, their pulsating sounds hitting the ever sexual tension hidden deep inside oneself. Front woman Gen is the master of seduction with a vibrant stage presence that is second to none; Gen leaves you wanting more, wanting to know the deep dark side of erotica.

Genitorturers gave the crowd just what they were looking for, that dark erotic intriguing music that shook the walls and the streets for miles away. Along with a few demon stalkers, clowns, and lots and lots of Jack Daniels.

Society views erotica as taboo, it’s just something you don’t speak about, pushed silently to the side. Genitoturers told that story and took that taboo, embraced, explored and celebrated unspeakables musically.

In 2009, Genitoturers released Blackheart Revolution co-produced by David “Evil D”; it was the bands fifth studio release. In 2014, Genitorturers celebrated over 20 years since the release of their debut album by going on their headlining tour, 20 Years of Depravity. The hype continues to roll with Gen and her band members, though, with nearly 25 years of touring under her belt, the fans are still streaming to shows, eagerly awaiting the antics of a Genitorturers show.

The band is comprised of Gen (vocals), Eric Griffin (guitar), Ryan Seelbach (bass) and Kriz D.K. (drums). Though the band has undergone plenty of lineup changes in the past two decades, the current members are nearing ten years of touring together. And while the setlists remain similar throughout the tours, there is always something evolving, something new, and something a little more wild to experience.


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