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  • Katie Leuenberger

Get Sad Y'all: Emo Raleigh

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to listen to all your favorite sad songs while dancing on stage with some your favorite band personalities? Imagine no more, EmoRaleigh in North Carolina has you jumping up and down through every DJ set that comes out. Not only that, but your openers are local bands just as into the music as you, feel free to introduce yourself and make some new friends and give their music a listen.

Commemorating this Valentine’s Day, the show in February came to break hearts, mine included. Live acts from locals in Paperback, Summer Wars, and HARM bring the room to life as the crowd piles in. We like where we are, here; expectantly waiting for Forrest Kline (from HelloGoodbye) to take the stage first. Bringing a few lucky fans onto stage with him he serenaded us, danced with us and even graced us with a few songs on the ukulele. Making way for Travis Clark (of We The Kings), there was no turning back for us tonight; the dance moves got crazier, the crowd got louder and the nostalgic songs kept coming. Finally, the infamous Jack Barakat (of All Time Low) takes the stage and with no doubt he lost his shirt a couple times, as per usual, and ending the night with an all out 80s dance party. I'm guessing because he just felt like dancing?

All in all, EmoRaleigh is stepping the game up and bringing more emo to your nights. Close to the area? Ticket prices are low, totally worth your money and you’ll leave with a very memorable night.


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