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  • Iris Konstant

Godsmack at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville

Tuesday nights are officially the new Friday night; as artists have begun hosting concerts and performances at venues throughout Nashville. Which clearly doesn’t bother fans, as hundreds of individuals still filed into Bridgestone Arena to witness the triumphant return of Godsmack to Nashville, TN. Godsmack truly brought a crowd, unlike any other. From blinged-out cowboy boots to leather motorcycle jackets; each individual who purchased a ticket and screamed at the top of their lungs for Godsmack was unique in their own right. Before Godsmack performed, however, the crowd was graced by the captivating energy of Stitched Up Heart.

If you haven’t head of Stitched Up Heart, then let me fill you in. Stitched Up Heart is a four-piece band based out of Los Angeles. Which is not only poised to storm the charts but kick your ass with their high energy set. From “Catch Me When I Fall” to “Lost,” it was clear that these openers weren’t playing around; as Mixi, Merritt, Randy, and Decker brought their A-game to Bridgestone Arena.

Once Stitched Up Heart’s electric performance concluded, a different type of energy settled upon the arena; one of tense anticipation for none other than Denmark’s own Volbeat. As eager chants filled the arena, it was clear that the night was going to be raucous; as this crowd was ready to rumble and seal the deal with Volbeat. Even though their stage set up was simple [an LED drum riser and backdrop] it didn’t matter. As Michael Poulson, Kaspar Larsen, and Rob Caggiano brought energy and excitement to the stage which enraptured viewers. In between those manic sprints and wide grins, Poulson egged on the energetic crowd. By announcing that Volbeat would return to Nashville soon but this time “with a brand-new album.” An announcement which elicited cheers from the crowd; as it seemed that Volbeat’s hiatus had finally come to an end. Song after song, Volbeat continued to evoke an atmosphere of celebration. Which had fans dancing in the isles to songs like “Black Rose” and “A Warrior’s Call” all before ending the note on a fan-favorite “Still Counting.”

As Volbeat left the stage, the energy within Bridgestone Arena waned slightly; as it looked like a majority of fans had used the break between bands as an excuse to go grab a beer right before Godsmack took the stage. Once the first note of “When Legends Rise” hit, however, the crowd came flooding back in to watch their idols perform. Between the pyrotechnics and the epic drum-off between lead singer Sully Erna and drummer Shannon Larkin, little words were spoken. In fact, at the beginning of Godsmack’s set, Sully Erna mentioned how they “didn’t have much to say” but for fans that didn’t matter; as they had come to hear Godsmack’s commanding lyricism, soaring guitar riffs, and kick-ass drums.

As Godsmack performed for hundreds, the music spoke a majority of the time. Granted there were several times where Sully Erna broke from the music to speak his mind. One of which was the time where he instructed the men in the arena to “hoist the women up onto your shoulders” because there’s a “good chance we will get to see boobies.” A statement which was made in extremely poor taste. Regardless of whether or not it was meant to be taken as a joke, it was still a statement that should’ve been left in 1988.

In a different vein, however, Sully Erna ended the night by speaking at length about the non-profit he and the rest of Godsmack had founded. A non-profit called The Scars Foundation, which is “dedicated to providing resources and tools to educate and empower people on a global level;” to individuals who struggle with addiction, PTSD, suicidal ideation, and bullying. If you are interested in learning more about The Scars Foundation information can be found here. While tickets for Godsmack’s spring tour can be found here.


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