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  • Carl Beust

GoldLink takes on The Republik in Honolulu

The promotion company BAMP Project seems to believe that if you bring talented artists, fans will come, no matter what day of the week it is. That was the case when Grammy nominated rapper GoldLink came to The Republik on a Tuesday night.

GoldLInk, from Washington D.C.,has been promoting his latest album At What Cost which was released in March of 2017. GoldLink has labeled his style of music “future bounce”, combining club, house music, and R&B. The album is dedicated to the neighborhoods of his youth, childhood experiences, summer flings, and the go-go block parties that were prevalent in the past.

At this concert it was only GoldLink and DJ Kidd Marvel on stage. GoldLink moved from side to side of the stage. Audience members bopped their head to each song while singing the lyrics. The night was cool and carefree. GoldLink performed “Some Girl”, “Rough Soul”, “Herside Story”, “Meditation”, “Pray Everyday”; a mixture of songs throughout his career. The night ended with a double shot of “Crew”. After the first version GoldLink said that he could do better but he needed a mosh pit. He got a fan on stage and told him when and where to stage dive. “Crew” started again, a bit faster and with more urgency, the crowd moshed, the DJ dropped Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The stage diver dove and was swallowed into the pit. GoldLink surveyed the crowd while standing on the DJ stand. The lights lowered and they were gone.

GoldLink’s unique style bridges the gap between dance, soul, and rap. His energy and charm is contagious. When it came down to the final curtain call, you were left wanting to hear more. There is no question why he is becoming one of the hottest names in rap and will be featured in a number of highly visible festival appearances over the summer.


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