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  • Megan Garzone

Great White Comes Full Circle in Biloxi

Just under one year ago, Great White performed in Biloxi at the Hard Rock Casino with Slaughter, to a wild crowd filled to the brim with 80's rock enthusists. The band is still at it, with well over 400 shows and four years of touring on the Full Circle tour circuit. The name rings true as they return to the Biloxi Hard Rock stage once again, this time with a new vocalist, Mitch Malloy. We were able to catch up with Mark Kendall (guitar) and Audie Desbrow (drums) to see how the past year on the road has been treating them.

Thanks for chatting with us again guys! We love to check in with Great White. How was the last year of the tour been since the last Biloxi Hard Rock show? Any standout moments?

Mark Kendall: The shows have really been going very well!

Our amps didn’t show up when we landed to play a show! We went to hotel hoping to have our gear the following day, but it wasn’t showing up. Finally, after waiting at soundcheck forever, it thankfully made it!

Some lineup changes have happened since last time the band played Biloxi last year. With Mitch Malloy coming on board, has he comfortably settled into the new role?

MK: The feedback since Mitch has joined has been 99% positive! He’s doing a killer job and is consistent every show. He puts a 110% into every performance. We are having a blast with Mitch!

This has been an extensive tour stent for the band. What are some favorite venues you have played in the last few years? Any venue on your bucket list that haven't been hit yet?

MK: I always judge the venue by stage size. As long as the stage and PA are good, everywhere we play is my favorite

Last year we spoke about Full Circle, any plans for the next album? Or are you more focused on the touring aspect at this time?

MK: We’ve talked about possibly releasing a live DVD to include newly recorded material on CD as a package. There are no definitive plans on a start date yet.

Mark, Something not a lot of people may not know about you is that you are a huge fan of billiards, and are quite the pool shark, pun intended! Do you ever get the chance to visit a local pub while on the road and play?

MK: I used to match up all over the country with many great players but not in pubs. I went to Pool halls that had the most good players & had the most action. Because we do mostly fly dates now, it’s too difficult. I practice on my table at home, play local tournaments and I played in the Straight Pool World Championships last year in Queens New York. Players came to that tournament from 20 different countries.

Any artist on your bucket list you would like to collaborate with?

MK: For me it would be Billy Gibbons or Carlos Santana. Now that would be fun!!!

Any resolutions for the band for the new year?

Audie Desbrow: To keep touring and recording music until we can’t.

Any last words for the fans?

AD: Thanks for the many years of support, even through tragedy and personnel changes. Great White fans are the best. Thank you all. See you on the 2019 “Sharks Across Amercia Tour.”

There are currently tickets on sale for shows through April of 2019. Head to to look for your city!


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