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Harry Potter Pop-Up Party Touring the U.S.!

After seven world changing books, eight whimsical movies, and a spellbinding Broadway play, muggles still find themselves yearning for ways to bring the magic to life. Now, owls are arriving across the country, inviting you to leave your cupboard under the stairs and spend a night at WIZARDFEST! The party starts in Madison, WI on September 19th and weaves its way through the U.S. making stops in Nashville on Sept. 23rd, Chicago on Sept. 29th, Philadelphia on Oct. 28th, DC on Halloween and many, many more! Full list of dates below. For ticket information, go to:

Whether you’ve re-read the books a dozen times, or just know the quotes from your gregarious super-fan friends, Wizardfest is an unforgettable pop-up party that is guaranteed to set the mood as we fittingly inch closer to Halloween. Last year Wizardfest sold out in New York, Chicago, and Dallas, and this year will continue to see packed venues across the board.  The evening includes Harry Potter themed trivia, drink specials (i.e. Butterbeer, Fire Whisky, Polyjuice Potion, and Unicorn Blood for the diabolical), magicians, music, dancing, and cosplay. The best dressed will also have a chance to enter into the costume contest for cash and prizes! On top of all of that, for any Keepers or Seekers out there, there will be a special Quidditch Pong Tournament, also with a reward of cash and prizes.

One of the parties founders, John Damiano, explains, "Wizardfest started as an idea in 2016 where we thought about transforming venues into castles with decorations, light shows, themed cocktails and incorporating all things magic into a dance party. We all love the Harry Potter universe and incorporating that aspect was so much fun. Before we knew it we had sold out parties across the country. There is something for everyone... whether you like to dance, you're into magic, or just love Harry Potter."

Find More Info and Tickets Here:


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