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  • Dawn Phillips

Indianola | Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Tour in Washington DC

Pearl Street Warehouse situated in The Wharf in Washington D.C. serves up classic breakfast and diner fare, bar bites, craft brews as well as cocktails in an intimate live music space. Pearl Street Warehouse does a phenomenal job with the acoustics as well as the lighting, PSW is a small and charming place for those after work hours when you want to sit back and relax. Indianola hit the DC scene to kickoff their Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Tour. Indianola teamed up with Shovels and Rope, Frank Turner and Ruby Boots.

Indianola has a broad range of genres, Beverly meshed the long forgotten productions to form a whole new context. Beverly’s voice is mesmerizing he’s a dead ringer for Roy Orbison. Beverly has created his own realm with this album, taking pieces of the forgotten eras, entwining them together with different influences to create a sound so unique yet so familiar.

Beverly grew up in Mississippi, the birthplace of those deep southern bluesy roots. In 2016 Beverly relocated to Nashville, in a city where folk and country music is overflowing; Beverly sought out to do something different, something with a throwback vibe. The name Indianola is a nod to Beverly’s deep southern roots, with a name so fresh and catchy that pays homage to the south you know not one song will disappoint! Indianola’s Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye album goes without saying to forget about tomorrow and enjoy the here in the now, it’s definitely a drop what you are doing and live in the moment album.

"Awkward Phase" is a sentimental sonnet of loss that comes with letting go of a loved one. "Want Me Back" definitely screams heartbreak…If B.B King were alive today he would definitely approve of Indianola’s “Everyday I Got The Blues,” the guitars break into strong riffs, the drum beats bring you to your can’t help but to dance and sway…it’s a bit of nostalgia with a fresh funky vibe.


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