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  • Kaiti Fleeger

Jesse McCartney at The Fillmore Philly

A cold, rainy Saturday evening in the city of brotherly love was consumed by the excited energy of about 1,500 Jesse McCartney fans who were ready to relive their middle school days and spend ninety minutes with the original heart throb. The entire set was full of energy and charisma, barely even slowing down during the acoustic songs. JMAC was full of smiles and worked the crowd while he basked in lights, perfectly colored and timed to set the mood of each song.

​How Do You Sleep? / Leavin’ / Selfless / Punch Drunk Recreation / She’s No You / Soul / Shake / It’s Over/Anybody/Because You Live (mash-up) / Just So You Know / Body Language / Told You So (brought fan on stage) / Right Where You Want Me / What Happens Next / Better With You / Wasted / Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis cover, written by Jesse McCartney) / Beautiful Soul


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