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  • Jordan Nathanson

Jesse McCartney on the Better With You Tour in Orlando

Singer-songwriter and actor Jesse McCartney has returned to music, sending mid-2000's teens in a frenzy with his latest single release earlier this year, “Better With You.” The track is reminiscent of the early Beautiful Soul era McCartney. Though he's been performing intermittently at various universities, this marks his first official tour in years. The Better With You Tour marks his tenth tour, and kicked off in mid-June in Atlanta. The tour will hit cities like Boston, Chicago, and Seattle before culminating in Los Angeles on July 25th.

On June 22nd, the tour stopped in Orlando, Florida at The Beacham. Jesse came to the stage as an audio intro played overhead, the crowd chanted for his arrival and he waved to the crowd before hitting the opening notes of 2005's “She's No You” followed by “Leavin'” the first single off of 2008's Departure. The nostalgia in the air was real, and had everyone in the crowd singing along. Jesse made sure to interact with the crowd, and his dance moves had the girls upfront screaming wildly. The majority of the concert focused on older songs that definitely kept the energy in the room high. The fourth song, however, was a newer song that has been played live before, but is not currently released, titled “Selfless.” After performing fan favorites like “Because You Live” and “It's Over” Jesse finished out the evening with his newest single, “Better With You,” followed by another unreleased song known as “Wasted.”

After chanting along for an encore, Jesse returned to the stage with a smile and gave the crowd exactly what he knew they all wanted to hear: “Bleeding Love” followed by “Beautiful Soul.” It was adorable to watch everyone in the crowd singing along to each other dramatically, and we can't wait to see what new music Jesse has in store for us!

Intro / She's No You / Leavin' / Selfless / Punch Drunk Recreation / How Do You Sleep? / Young Love / Shake / Just So You Know / Anybody / Because You Live / Right Where You Want Me / The Stupid Things / Body Language / It's Over / Better With You / Wasted / Bleeding Love / Beautiful Soul


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