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  • Carl Beust

Kacey Musgraves Brings the Texas Heat to Hawaii

On a Friday night in late July, Kacey Musgraves brought her oh what a world:tour to The Republik in Honolulu Hawaii. This was her first headlining show since she began her opening slot for Harry Styles. It was also one of the most intimate venues she has played in quite some time. The near capacity crowd was treated to close to ninety minutes of her style of country music.

A cross between pop and alt-country, Musgraves songs are reminders of trailblazing singers such as Loretta Lynn, Bobbie Gentry, and Tanya Tucker. Strong, opinionated woman have always been the backbone of country music and Musgraves is no different.

The crowd was treated to an eighteen song setlist that delivered a collection of original and cover songs (“Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and “Tearing Up My Heart” by NSYNC). Popping onto the stage with a gleaming floor length jacket over an aloha print blouse and shorts, Musgraves delivered the 70's style groove of “Slowburn”. The setlist consisted of a mixture of songs from her three albums. Each selection was brimming of the classic country themes of falling in love and the heartbreak of losing that love. Musgraves stood center stage playing acoustic guitar with a six piece backing band. Dressed in matching white shirts and brown suits, this band was much more than just window dressing. Unfortunately only the guitar player was placed in the spotlight for his solo. All the others musicians were left in the shadows allowing Kacey Musgraves to shine bright.

During her set Musgraves displayed her authentic personality in a world of manufactured country-pop. She was not afraid to drop f bombs throughout the set or call out fans that booed tourists commenting that she was basically a tourist.

Musgraves ended her set with the slower paced “Rainbow” but ended the night with the disco infused “High Horse”. Musgraves waved and thanked the crowd for a wonderful evening as the crowd. If she is performing in your area I highly recommend taking the time to attend her concert. Unfortunately this may have been the last chance to see Musgraves in such a small intimate venue.

Slowburn / Velvet Elvis / Butterflies / Keep It To Yourself / Love Is A Wild Thing / Lovely Weekend / Western J – Hightime / Family / Is What It Is / Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) / Merry Go Round / Golden Hour / Tearing Up My Heart / Space Cowboy / Happy & Sad / Follow Your Arrow / Rainbow / High Horse


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