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Legacy At Heart debuts video for “Razors”

After releasing the highly anticipated and the incredibly successful “Hollow & Alive”. “Forsaken” (featuring Garret Rapp of The Color Morale) and “Fragile”, alternative rock formation Legacy At Heart now debuts “Razors” – the fourth single off the band’s latest full-length album “Faces” (available on iTunes and Spotify)! Creating a distinguishable mixture of moderately paced memorable guitar riffs, heavy low end music profile and dark, brooding, yet anthemic and beautifully made vocal melodies, overflowing with genuine emotion, “Razors” establishes a textural and tonal eminent dark sound with a mesmerizing emotional depth, which is tastefully outlined, emphasized and complemented by the menacing gloom atmosphere of the accompanying visual representation, perfectly complementing the concept behind the presented product – the significant importance that the topic of mental health has in our society nowadays. “Razors” truly represents and showcases Legacy At Heart’s notable and rare ability to provide an unique sense of easily identifiable ambience, which perfectly summarizes the quartet’s astonishing potential to generate naturally comprehensible and catchy compositions, which only magnify the effect produced by the astounding artistic value present in every single aspect of Legacy At Heart’s activity.

“In a short period of time, we have seen a prominent rise in topics that focus on mental health. With that being said, we continue to see countless lives being taken away due to suicide and self-harm. “Razors” is a song that expresses the importance of one's voice when searching for help. In a world that is constantly filled with pain, we commonly think that we are alone and can’t be heard. In many cases, it is hard for those who struggle with depression and mental health to break through what is holding them back. In this song, we wanted to let the listener know that help is not as far away as one may think is. This song focuses on the importance of utilizing one's voice and the realization that there are people out there fighting their own battles, just like you. We hope this song can also shed light on the importance of taking notice of the signs of depression and self harm. Unfortunately, we all know what the end results of suicide are. We wanted to use this video to tell a story of how the sometimes all-too familiar feeling of being alone and helpless affects an individual . Help is never too far away and to those reading this who are.” - Legacy at Heart


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