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  • Dawn Phillips

Leon at 9:30 Club in Washington DC

The 9:30 Club brought “all ages” concert goers far and wide to the show which hosted Morgan Saint and Leon. Morgan Saint takes front center; she’s dressed super cute; like a hip hop rapper. Much to everyone’s surprise Morgan Saint threw out meaningful, poetic, as well as captivating lyrics, Saint has a sexy soft delicate voice and knows how to turn deeply personal moments into beautiful verses that speak from the soul.

Morgan Saint entered the music scene with her 2017 EP, 17 HERO. In 2018 she released “Thru Your Phone,” a delicate slow burning Cardi B cover which is spectacularly well done; as well as her latest EP Alien. While the Cardi B song “Thru Your Phone” is about unfaithful ex, Saint took that piece and turned it into a ballad; it is mesmerizing. Where will Saint go from here in 2019? Your guess is as good as ours; we’re hoping she emerges with new music and plenty of shows!

Leon's crew took to the stage decking it out with trees, white floor lamps with pink bell shades, as well as a super cute pink rug, amazing ambiance for the show. Leon aka Lotta Lindgren hails from Stockholm, Sweden as an indie pop artist, with catchy tunes. Leon was raised around music, her mother a seasoned cellist in the symphony and her father is a conductor and composer. By the age of 17, Leon emerged as the front woman for a hip hop soul group, which helped carve out her live performance skills. In 2015 she embarked on a solo career partnering with Agrin Rahmani. Since 2015 Leon has released EPs and singles, keeping the momentum moving, her debut self-titled album released just in March of 2019.

Leon takes to center stage belting out her first note, the entire venue went crazy! Being in the photo pit has its advantages; you get super close to the performers as well as the front row crowd. From here I took in the entire venue it was beautifully dramatic as the crowd danced and sang. I’m reveling in the moment, Leon swings and sways as her alluring vocals carry throughout the venue. Leon has an elegant “hippie” style about her and I absolutely adore how she throws in the “retro” look for her performances.

As I listened to Leon sing, I couldn’t help shake this feeling that I’ve heard this voice somewhere before. Where? As Leon spoke of ex’s and break ups, she delivered the first word of the next song, my mind is completely blown away. Is Leon singing "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac? Then came “Here You Go Again”, YES, Leon is covering DREAMS. Leon’s delivery of the song was a dead ringer for Stevie Nicks….an incredible cover, and the crowd was as blown away as I was. Leon has her own style, but definitely has that Stevie Nick-esque about her. I’d love to hear her cover more from Stevie Nicks and she truly does the music justice. Leon is definitely one to watch.


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