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  • Dawn Phillips

Lost in Translation Tour in Maryland

Another concert in the books this time I slapped on the GPS and found my way to The Fillmore in Silver Springs, Maryland! Where not one, but three, extremely energetic bands played!

The Fillmore was a huge grandiose venue that can hold up to two thousand fans. This venue is comprised of Music Hall (Main Level), and Balcony Level, which is above the main floor with seating and the VIP lounge! Plenty of room to move about if you can’t get a good view, what an amazing venue and the acoustics are spot on!

The Wrecks play with an infectious energy which in my opinion is perfectly suited for a party where you and your friends are bouncing around having fun, quite honestly it’s the kind of music best played with the volume cranked UP! The Wrecks are an Alt-Pop band with a Punk Americana feel; I feel their music is reminiscent of Good Charlotte from the early 2000’s. Definitely a band to check out on Spotify as well as SiriusXM’s Alt Nation!

Let’s meet the band that’s from Los Angeles, CA: Nick Anderson (vocals/guitar), Aaron Kelley (bass), Nick Schmidt (guitar/vocals), Westen Weiss (guitar/keys), and Billy Nally (drums). The Wrecks are quite busy from now until June, if you can’t catch then while they’re touring be sure to catch them at the LOLLAPALOOZA August 2-5, 2018 at Grant Park in Chicago!

Next up were the DREAMERS, they bring a unique grunge eccentric punk scene to the stage. This band will have you bouncing and jumping about the room. Fair to say the DREAMERS genre is alt rock, space rock, indie rock as well as pop rock. Space rock coined back in the 70’s to describe cosmic flights of bands like Pink Floyd and who doesn’t love Pink Floyd? While DREAMERS aren’t totally like Pink Floyd, they carry some sweet riffs reminiscent of Pink Floyd like in DREAMERS' song “DRUGS." DREAMERS define their own by combining space rock with indie, alt and pop rock making all these genres work, making music that everyone can relate as well as dance too!

DREAMERS have been around since 2014, in 2015 they were selected to open for Stone Temple Pilots on their US Tour! In 2016 DREAMERS played at LOLLAPALOOZA in Chicago then went on tour with The Griswolds throughout 2017. 2018 they joined New Politics, alongside The Wrecks on their Lost in Translation tour, which is named after New Politics' album. On Monday night DREAMERS killed the song "Zombie," they turned that song into their own, while making it still feel like the Cranberries. DREAMERS start off mellower with drums then guitar giving it a much lighter feel where the Cranberries opening to "Zombie" is all guitar then drums. DREAMERS hail from Los Angeles, CA and consists of Nick Wold (lead vocals/guitar), Marc Nelson (bass/ backing vocals) and Jacob Lee Wick (drums/backing vocals). Be sure to catch the DREAMERS now until June at various venues, you can also catch them on Spotify!

Next up was NEW POLITICS! New Politics is a Danish rock band straight outta Copenhagen! The band formed in 2009 and is described as a blend of punk, pop, and electronically induced dance rock! That right there says it all, this band has the energy of a hoard of energizer bunnies running around, and to be honest I have zero clue how David Boyd and Soren Hansen go as wild as they do, nothing but pure energy! The crowd was singing, dancing and bopping about the floor, while the strobes blazed throughout the venue! The band was lit as well as concert goers!

First song in and David was out and about crowd surfing, I bet those concert goers were enjoying every bit of that, because who

doesn’t want their favorite singer out among the crowd standing on them? Before forming New Politics, Boyd worked as a break-dancer, which explains his onstage performance, Boyd also appeared in commercials as well as dance productions to include a post-apocalyptic interpretation of Kipling’s The Jungle Book. New Politics onstage performances are top notch, bringing a ton of edge to the stage, while Boyd break dances; Soren jams out with his guitar dropping to his knees sending the crowd crazy!

New Politics will be out and about on tour ocations until May. If you’re in Cali check out New Politics at the Bottlerock Festival in Napa Valley May 27th! New Politics is David Boyd (vocals), Soren Hansen (guitar/vocals/keys), Louis Vecchio (drums/vocals). Catch New Politics on Spotify!

New Politics


The Wrecks

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